Engineering Degree Program in China - Energy and Power Engineering

1. Introduction

Energy and Power Engineering is committed to the use of traditional energy and new energy development, and how to use energy more efficiently. Energy includes traditional energy sources such as water, coal, petroleum; includes new energy sources such as Nuclear energy, wind energy, bio energy and includes hydrogen energy widely used in future. Power includes internal combustion engines, boilers, aircraft engines, refrigeration and related testing technology.

2. Training Objectives

Energy and Power Engineering trains senior engineering and technical personnel with higher moral and cultural qualities. They need to have basic knowledge in the field of energy conversion and utilization and thermal environment protection and strong ability of practice, adaptation and innovation, which help them to meet the needs of the society for the scientific research, design, teaching, engineering technology, management and other aspects in the field of energy power.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and technology of power engineering, engineering thermal physics, and different Energy conversion and effective utilization; receive basic training of modern power engineer, with the basic ability of being engaged in all kinds of design, operation and experimental study of power machinery and thermal engineering equipment.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1. Systematically master the basic knowledge of technology and theory of the program, mainly including the basic knowledge of Engineering mechanics, mechanics, engineering thermal physics, fluid mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, control theory, market economy and enterprise management etc;

2. Get engineering practice training in this professional field, with strong computer application ability;

3. With the professional knowledge of a professional direction of the program, understand the scientific frontier and development trends;

4. With strong self-learning ability, innovative consciousness and high comprehensive quality.

5. Main Subjects

Dynamic engineering and engineering thermal physics, mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics

6. Main Courses

Engineering mechanics, mechanical design, mechanical drawing, electrical engineering and electronic technology, engineering thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer science, control theory, testing technology, combustion science

7. Practical Teaching

Metalworking, electrical working and electronic practice, cognition practice, production practice, social practice, curriculum design, graduation design (paper), the general arrangement should be more than 40 weeks.

8. Program Experiment

Heat transfer experiment, engineering thermodynamics experiment, dynamic engineering test technology experiment, fluid mechanics experiment

9. Employment Prospects

Graduates can go into large enterprises, companies and related research institutes, design institutes, institutions of higher learning and management departments to be research and design, product development, manufacturing, testing, management, teaching work in the field of thermal engineering, power engineering, refrigeration engineering and etc. The main employment directions include power plant, the internal combustion engine plant, automobile manufacturing plant, logistics control, boiler plant, large machinery plant, shipbuilding plant, air conditioning plant, refrigeration equipment factory, HVAC engineering and so on.


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