Electric Power Engineering Management Program in China

1. Introduction

Electric Power Engineering Management program requires the students to systematically study the basic theory and professional knowledge of the electrical engineering construction management, to pay attention to the training of basic skills and the application of project management software, and to pass the corresponding skill level certificates. The graduates can be engaged in the construction project management, project estimate and budget, on-site supervision in the electric power industry and related industries.

2. Training Objectives

Electric power engineering management program trains senior application-oriented technological talents who master the basic knowledge, the basic skills of power engineering construction management.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge of economics, management and electrical engineering, familiar with the professional knowledge of electrical engineering; master the management methods of electric power enterprises and the operation mechanism of electric power market.

4. Main Courses

Circuit basis, safety in utilizing electric energy, digital electronic technology, analog electronic technology, laws and regulations of electric power and case analysis, relay protection of power supply system, electrical equipment of power plant and substation, higher mathematics, motor technology, engineering drawing and CAD, engineering mechanics and structure, engineering surveying, building architecture, building construction technology, building construction management, electric power engineering, electrical equipment and installation, project bidding and contract management, project management, project estimate and budget, engineering construction supervision etc.

5. Employment Prospects

The program involves a wide range of fields and has a broad employment prospect; the graduates can go to power supply companies, power plants and power management institutes engaged in power enterprise management, power technology and economy, power marketing and other work.


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