Engineering Degree Program in China - Fermentation Technology

1. Introduction

Fermentation Technology refers to the use of microbial fermentation, using a number of technical means to control the fermentation process, large-scale producing fermentation products.

Fermentation engineering is established on the pure cell culture technology, through the manipulation of genetic material, key enzymes in the regulation of cell metabolism and the use of modern bio chemical molecular separation and purification technology and the corresponding modern equipment, achieving cell large-scale culture in order to obtain various physiological active substances of a cutting-edge biological high technology subject, the industry association degree relates to the field of medicine, agriculture, chemical industry, light industry, food and environmental protection. Fermentation engineering is the core technology of biological engineering, and it is also a bridge to realize the industrialization of medical and biological engineering and agricultural biological engineering.

2. Technology Core

Fermentation is the process by which organic substances are converted into products by means of the metabolic activity of microorganisms, through the use of biological catalysts (microbial cells or enzymes).

In a narrow sense, under aerobic conditions, the decomposition of sugars or carbohydrates.

Fermentation technology is the technology used to obtain the product.

3. Characteristics and Roles of Fermented Food

1) Inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria and common pathogenic bacteria

2) Fermented food can improve the nutritional value of the original fermented food

3) After food fermentation, its original color, shape, flavor will be changed, and according to the people's will to change

4. Technology Utilization

1) Utilization of microorganisms in food fermentation, the use of bacteria in fermented foods

Lactic acid bacteria fermentation, acetic acid bacteria fermentation

2) Utilization of yeast in fermented wine and bread

3) The use of mold in fermented food

5. Training Objectives

The program trains talents mastering fermentation, food, brewing, enzyme preparation, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, feed basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills, technology application, with more skilled hands-on operation and certain research and development capabilities.

6. Training Requirements

Fermentation technology program students should master the solid foundation of the theory and system of specialized knowledge, such as microbiology, fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering, biological reaction engineering, bio separation engineering, master the disciplines of modern experimental methods and skills, able to skillfully use fermentation engineering professional theory knowledge and technology subject design, theoretical study and practice of scientific research, with the ability to engage in the actual work of the professional and scientific research, management capabilities, innovation and analysis of the problem and the ability to solve problems.

7. Main Courses

Analytical chemistry, food microbiology, food analysis and detection technology, food preservation storage technology, the processing technology of the Chinese and western desserts, beverage product technology, food standards and regulations, food safety control technology, technology of meat products, cereal and oil food processing technology, food fermentation technology, refrigeration technology.

8. Employment Prospects

Graduates are engaged in fermentation, food, brewing, enzyme preparation, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, feed and other industries for the work of the corresponding technology applications.


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