Engineering Degree Program in China - Urban Water Conservancy

1. Introduction

Urban Water Conservancy refers to the water conservancy work to solve the urban flood control, water supply, drainage, as well as the treatment of urban waste water and so on. Urban water problem is the product of social and economic development. Developed countries have experienced varying degrees of this problem in the high speed development of their respective economies, and have paid a heavy price and a huge amount of governance costs.

2. Overall Planning

1) The long term and complex of the problems urban water conservancy facing. The production of urban water problem is the result of the interaction between natural and social factors. Each city is located in different geographical environment; the size, structure, function, political and economic status and the different stages of urban development, and so on, determine the obvious differences of water the city facing.

2) The advance of urban water resources planning. The problem of urban water is a developing problem. Therefore urban water conservancy in the planning stage must consider how to deal with the problem of the development of urban water evolution trend, how to meet the needs of the future development of the city flood control.

3. Technical Innovation

The integrity of water conservancy implementation measures, the comprehensive water control of city area includes two meanings: first of all, the goal of flood control measures is comprehensive, protection of urban water supply, construction of water supply and drainage system, regulation of urban river and lake, reuse of urban sewage treatment and waste water resources, the combination of urban flood control system construction and urban environmental improvement. Single objective measures are often neither economical nor reasonable. Secondly, flood control means is comprehensive. Not only need to form a complete set of engineering system, but also need to combine engineering measures with non engineering measures. Only by the comprehensive utilization of engineering, law, administration, economy, education, technology and other means, it is possible to achieve the purpose of the development of urban water conservancy.

4. Research Fields

Openness of the development model of urban water resources, the risk characteristics of urban water conservancy and the necessity of strengthening risk management, in the development of urban water conservancy, establishing risk management mechanism is an effective way to solve the urban water crisis.

5. Training Objectives

The program trains senior technical application-oriented specialized talents who can be engaged in the first line of urban water conservancy project planning, design, construction and management.

6. Core Competencies

Construction, operation and management of urban water conservancy project

7. Core Courses and Major Practice

Engineering survey, urban hydrology, water pump and water pump station, construction technology, construction, budget, urban planning, water pollution and water quality monitoring, urban flood control, city drainage, ecological environment and planning, understanding practice, measuring training, construction practice, urban planning practice, training of pumping station, for drainage training, curriculum design of pump station, project budgetary estimate/budget curriculum design, comprehensive graduation practice and design, etc.

8. Employment Prospects

Urban water conservancy project planning, design, construction and management, water quality testing and environmental protection, urban flood control and urban water resources joint deployment, etc.


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