Highway Mechanization Construction Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Highway mechanization construction technology is a combination of engineering machinery application technology and highway construction technology. To meet the need of the highway construction, it cultivates high quality, compound and practical mechanical construction, organization and management personnel.

2. Major Courses

Structure and maintenance of engineering mechanical engine, chassis structure and maintenance of engineering machinery, structure and maintenance of road machinery and earth-stone machinery, highway construction and survey, road building materials and construction technology of the highway, bridges machinery and construction technology, PLC principle and application technology, engineering machinery control technology, mechanized construction and management of highway.

3. Knowledge and Ability

Students will be proficient in computer application, and have strong ability to use sets of construction machinery and technology in the highway construction, to organize and manage mechanical construction according to design drawings, operating specifications for construction technology and quality standard, to maintain, market, engineering machinery and provide after-sales service.

4. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in machinery construction and management of highway, maintenance and marketing of engineering machinery in transportation, urban construction, municipal engineering and other industries. 


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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