Engineering Degree Program in China - Sound Engineering

1. Introduction

Sound Engineering program aims to cultivate technical talents with the knowledge of digital music equipment control, and understand the advanced communication technology and the operation of music industry, and the business strategy and the management knowledge of sound engineering. The construction procedures of sound engineering will include: carry out pre-burying of pipeline and hanging parts; next the welding and installation of a variety of frame; the laying of cables; the installation of various equipment, and the connection of control circuit and signal line; and the inspection and testing of the installation, power supply circuit and connection.

2. Training Objectives

The program requires the students to grasp the theoretical knowledge of the sound engineering, with the ability of the design, installation, operation, maintenance of the audio system. And they can be senior technical talents in the audio industry through hard work.

3. Training Requirements

(1). Master the knowledge of the electrics, electrician foundation, and weak electricity

(2). Understand the knowledge of acoustics, sound generation, propagation, reflection, frequency conversion.

(3). Know the influence of architecture on the sound field.

(4). Understand the knowledge of digital products and working principles

4. Main Courses

Sightsinging, the basic theory of music, piano, music appreciation and comments, harmonics foundation, musical form and works analysis, melody writing foundation,  electrotechnology foundations.

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the design and construction of audio-visual systems engineering in broadcasting station,TV station, advertising design and production company, sound engineering company, audio industry platform and other audio industry. They can also work on the production of multimedia program in the department of film and television advertising, or get engaged in the operation, maintenance and management of the audio system in the hotels, enterprises and other institutions. 


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Wenzhou Medical University

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