Operation and Management of Urban Rail Transit Program in China

1. Introduction

Operation and Management of Urban Rail Transit program integrates modern management science and the urban track traffic driving, passenger transportation practice, the curriculum reflects the teaching idea of the combination of theory and practice to improve students' consciousness of management innovation. The programs gives full play to the advantages of the cooperation between school and enterprise to realize complementary resources, through the industry-academy cooperation to strengthen the students' ability of linking theory with practice and the ability to analyze and solve problems, grasp the knowledge of city track traffic driving organization, passenger transport organization, city rail transit planning and other aspects, provide senior organization and management personnel for the operation of the urban track traffic.

2. Main Content

Transportation planning and transportation capacity, train operation organization and shunting work, passenger travelling forecasts and analysis, organization of station work, freight rate and ticket management, operation analysis of rail system

3. Training Objectives

The program trains compound application-oriented technical personnel with the knowledge of operation and management of urban rail transit program, with high comprehensive qualities and strong professional skills of city rail, can be engaged in the production, operation and service work of city rail transit operation and management, can be engaged in the organization, command and management, traffic dispatching and command and passenger service of urban rail transit operation.

4. Main Courses

Introduction to urban rail transportation, urban rail transportation equipment, traffic safety management of urban rail transit, route planning and design of city rail transportation, communication signal basis of urban rail transit, economy and regulations of rail transit, operation and management of urban rail transit, traffic organization of urban rail transit, operation and organization of urban rail transit, station yard and hub of urban rail transit, passenger service and etiquette, management operational research, marketing

5. Employment Prospects

The program focuses on the improvement of students' comprehensive ability, with solid professional knowledge and theoretical foundation of the operation, ticketing, station, management, planning of rail transit; the graduates will be mainly engaged in the running organization, dispatching organization, passenger traffic organization and comprehensive management of the urban track traffic.


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