Electronic Publishing Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Electronic Publishing Technology program is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application. It attaches importance to students' practical ability and the ability to solving practical problems. Students mainly study processing and integration of multimedia information, including image processing, video processing, digital audio technology, electronic publishing and web design, multimedia information synthesis, media and media, script editing and creation, sketch, fine art appreciation, photography, visual communication, music appreciation, music of electronic publications, network technology and application,etc. 

2. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in creation of multimedia electronic publications, web design, image processing, audio and video editing in publishing enterprises, culture studio, network communication enterprises and other enterprises and institutions that is related to digital information processing.

3. Curriculum

Graphic image processing, editing and production of audio and video, graphic animation, multimedia production, CD production, web production, development and management of website, internet news communication, network security, etc.

4. Practical Teaching

C language, advanced mathematics, linear algebra, color science, fine art appreciation, sketch, electronic technology, electrical technology, microcomputer principle and application, basic visual language, etc.

5. Training Objectives

Electronic Publishing Technology program trains high skilled talents who have strong computer technology, network technology, multimedia technology and the design, editing, production technology of electronic publications. It trains students to adapt to the development of modern information technology and multimedia technology, and to engage in the production of digital media products, network publishing and multimedia products processing.


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