Engineering Degree Program in China - Dairy Project

1. Introduction

Dairy Project program mainly focuses on the professional knowledge of food biochemistry, dairy chemistry, dairy analysis, management and dairy safety and quality control, dairy science, dairy processing equipment and plant design, lay a solid theoretical foundation for being engaged in the field of dairy products processing, new product development, dairy factory design for the production technology, quality control, product development, scientific research, business management and engineering design work.

2. Training Objectives

The program is to train compound application-oriented talents with dairy professional and technical knowledge and ability, reasonable knowledge structure, with certain ability in data analysis and processing, basic laboratory skills, knowledge of engineering and mechanical design, basic knowledge and skills of microorganisms, food chemistry and analysis, enterprise management and economic analysis, with rich dairy processing and quality management knowledge, knowledge of certain other areas of food, can be engaged in dairy science research, new product development, dairy processing and dairy products quality inspection work.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge and professional knowledge of dairy science, master the change of dairy processing and the knowledge of dairy products processing. Through one year's practice and experiments, understand and master the practical skills of various dairy products processing, with a certain ability to develop new products, and has the theoretical basis of deep processing of dairy products and new product development.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theory and experiment technology of biochemistry, dairy chemistry and dairy microbiology, food nutrition;

2) Master the methods of analysis and inspection of dairy products;

3) With the dairy process design, equipment selection ability;

4) Familiar with the development of the dairy industry policy and regulations;

5) Familiar with the processing of dairy products and other animal products, testing technology;

6) Master the knowledge and skills of food nutrition and safety monitoring;

7) With the ability to analyze the production management and technical economic analysis of dairy enterprises, and to grasp the relevant knowledge of the foreign trade of food enterprises.

5. Main Courses

Food biochemistry, food nutrition, food engineering principle, dairy chemistry, dairy machinery and equipment, dairy microbiology, liquid dairy science and technology, solid dairy science and technology and raw milk production technology, dairy plant design, dairy safety and quality control, business of industry economics and dairy analysis, etc.

6. Practical Teaching

Process testing, curriculum design, teaching practice, market research, practical production practice, graduation production practice, graduation design (thesis), etc

7. Program Experiments

Raw material pretreatment, sterilization, packaging, product inspection, analysis, etc

8. Employment Prospects

Employment fields: administrative management, technology management, product research and development, quality control and dairy related scientific research units in the field of dairy processing.

Working positions: technical personnel, management personnel, marketing personnel at dairy and related enterprises, scientific research personnel, management personnel at dairy and related scientific research units engaged in dairy development and research, dairy production and management, product quality control, engineering design, analysis of inspection, product sales and other related work.


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