Engineering Degree Program in China - Environmental Ecological Engineering

1. Introduction

Environmental Ecological Engineering is a technology science based on environmental engineering and ecological engineering, using the principle of ecology, engineering means to prevent and control pollution, protect the environment.

2. Training Objectives

The program cultivates senior professional talents with the theoretical basis, knowledge and skills of environmental science; can be engaged in the scientific research, teaching, environmental protection and environmental management in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, enterprises and administrative departments.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of ecology, receive the training in scientific thinking and scientific experiment of the basic research and applied basic research, have good scientific literacy, and master the theory of modern ecology and experiment skills like computer simulation, with the preliminary ability of teaching, research, development and management.

4. Knowledge and Abilities

1) Master the basic theories and basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry and so on;

2) Master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of environmental ecological engineering;

3) understand the general principles and knowledge of similar majors;

4) Familiar with the policies and regulations related to environmental protection, environmental engineering;

5) Know the theoretical frontier, application prospect and the latest development trends of environmental science, as well as the development of environmental protection industry;

6) Master the basic methods of data query, document retrieval and using modern information technology to obtain related information; with certain ability of experiment design, creating experiment conditions, induction, collation, analysis of the experimental results, writing papers, participating in academic exchanges.

5. Main Courses

Environmental science, introduction to ecology, wetland ecology, solid waste treatment and disposal, landscape ecology, ecological monitoring and evaluation, ecological engineering, environmental engineering, conservation biology, industrial ecology, planning and management of environmental ecology, water pollution control engineering, environmental ecological engineering etc.

1) The direction of ecological engineering: ecological monitoring and evaluation, ecological planning and design, landscape ecology, pollution ecology, ecology of ecosystem.

2) The direction of environmental engineering: water pollution control engineering, air pollution control engineering, solid waste treatment and disposal, noise treatment engineering, environmental planning and management, cleaner production and recycling economy, etc.

6. Employment Prospects

The graduates are mainly engaged in the environmental planning, environmental management, environmental engineering design, environmental protection product development as well as the teaching and environment science research in government environmental protection department, planning department, department of construction management, design and research institutes, environmental engineering companies, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and so on.


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