Engineering Degree Program in China - High Voltage Insulation Engineering

1. Introduction

High Voltage Insulation Engineering is a sub discipline of the disciplines of electrical engineering, this subject mainly research on high voltage and insulation theory, testing technology, insulation structure, over voltage and its protection technology, as well as its application in the electric power industry and the emerging science and technology. It has an official impact on the development of electrical engineering disciplines and social progress. 

2. Curriculum:

The compulsory courses of the subject: High voltage test technology and Practice, engineering electromagnetic field numerical calculation, electromagnetic compatibility, power system analysis, modern control theory, modern electronic measurement technology and practice, principle and design of intelligent instrument, photoelectric testing technology, artificial intelligence, expert systems and tools, intense pulsed power technology, optical transmission and medium engineering, digital technology and high voltage test, over voltage calculation of power system, insulation diagnosis and on-line monitoring of high voltage electrical equipment, GIS technology, theory of dielectric insulation.

3. Other Similar Majors in the First Level Discipline:

Electrical machinery and electrical equipment, electric power system and its automation, power electronics and power transmission, electrical theory and new technology.

4.Research Direction:

The main research direction includes: over voltage and protection of power system, electro-magnetic transient simulation for electric power system, pulsed power technology and its application, intelligent new power equipment, gas discharge and gas insulation technology, online monitoring, fault diagnosis and condition assessment of power equipment, application of digital measurement and digital signal processing in high voltage, new technology of high voltage test, high voltage insulation structure and its optimization, dielectric theory and its application, failure mechanism and performance improvement of dielectric materials, the structure, properties and application technology of nano dielectrics, electrical insulation test technology, online monitoring and insulation diagnosis of power equipment, field insulation diagnosis technology of electric power equipment, new technology of structural optimization and testing of power equipment, electrical functional materials and devices and its testing techniques, optoelectronic materials and devices, sensitive materials and sensors, study of ferroelectric materials, space environmental insulation test and its application technology, biological effect of electromagnetic environment and its application, wind power generation and high speed electric locomotive, insulation technology of frequency conversion motor, high voltage and high current technology and automation, optimal allocation of urban energy resources, preparation and system research of new fuel cell and advanced energy materials.

5.Training Objectives:

The program trains graduates who have solid theoretical basis and systematic in-depth expertise in high voltage and insulation theory, electromagnetic field and the transient process, over voltage and the prevention, detection and treatment of high voltage insulation,etc. Graduates should understand the current situation and development direction of domestic and foreign academic research in this subject, have the ability to independently analyze and solve the technical problems of the subject, with rigorous and realistic scientific attitude, and have a good command of computer technology and related experimental methods.

6. Employment Direction

Graduate students can engaged in the research, teaching and engineering technical work and technical management of high voltage and insulation technology in the various types of power plants, electrical department of automation, power system, power companies, power supply company, related electric power construction enterprises, electrical equipment manufacturing sector, the electric power research institute and education department, technical research and extension institutions.


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