Engineering Degree Program in China - Software Engineering

1. Introduction

Software Engineering is a program that studies engineering methods to construct and maintain effective, practical and high quality software. It involves programming language, database, software development tools, system platform, standard, design mode and so on. Software engineering emphasizes engineering of software development in the base of computer science and technology. It enables students master the basic knowledge, methods and skills of software requirement analysis, software design, software testing, software maintenance and software project management in the base of mastering knowledge and skills in computer science and technology.

2. Training Objectives

Software Engineering program trains senior software engineering and technical personnel who can adapt to the development of computer application, especially the development of software industry. With basic theory, knowledge and skills of computer software and with the capability of analyzing design and implement a computer software system with the idea, method and technology of software engineering, these personnel can engage in the research and development of computer application software system in IT industry, research institutions, and enterprises. 

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theoretical knowledge of computer science and technology, and have ability to analyze and design and solve practical problems in related engineering work of computer.

2) Get the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain ability in scientific research and practical work.

4. Main Courses

Advanced mathematics, college physics, physics experiment, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, program design language, data structure, discrete mathematics, operating system, compile technology, introduction of software engineering, unified modeling language, software system structure, software requirement, software project management, algorithm analysis, oriented object program design, database principle and implementation technology, the principle of compile, computer security

5. Practical Teaching

Graduation practice, curriculum design, computer engineering practice, production practice, graduation design (thesis)

6. Research Field

Software architecture, software design methods, modeling in the field of software, software engineering decision support, software engineering education, software testing technology, automation software design and synthesis, component based software engineering, computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), programming languages and software engineering, computer network, information and communication security, computer graphics and human-computer interaction, application of multimedia technology, artificial intelligence and recognition, embedded software and application, automatic control, distributed computing and grid computing, cloud computing technology, digital audio tape, research of database technology, computer aided design and application technology, data analysis and processing

7. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can go into different enterprises and institutions be engaged in office automation, computer installation and maintenance, computer network, maintenance, management and development of server and web production work; be engaged in development and management work of dynamic business website, software testing and development work and commodity trade of computer related equipment.


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