Engineering Degree Program in China - Automobile Engineering

1. Introduction

Automobile Engineering is concerned with the theory, design, and manufacturing of land vehicles such as automobiles, tractors, locomotives, trucks, military vehicles and other work vehicles. The general objective of the specialty is to train composite high-level engineers and technicians with reasonable knowledge structure, innovative spirit and solid engineering background. These engineers and technicians can work in the field of vehicle engineering including design and manufacture, tackling key problem, scientific research and development, spreading and applying new technology, management and marketing.

2. Training Requirements

Automobile Engineering masters in this field must have well-knit basic knowledge and systematic professional knowledge, knowing basic theory, design methods of technology and related mechanical products and equipments, manufacturing process and marketing knowledge in vehicle engineering and related fields. By the basic training of modern mechanics, electrical engineering and electronics, automobile design, computer aided design and marketing management, students have the basic ability in auto and auto parts technology researching, designing, manufacturing and automotive marketing management.

3. Knowledge and Ability

(1)Systematically master the basic knowledge of technology and theory of the program, mainly including engineering mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, computer application technology, mechanical engineering materials, mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing technology, automation, testing technology, market economy and enterprise management;

(2)Basic skills such as drawing, calculation, testing, computer application, document retrieval and basic process operations are required;

(3)Knowing the necessary professional knowledge in the field of vehicle engineering, and understanding its scientific frontier and development trend;

(4)Having basic ability in scientific research, scientific and technological development, organization and management.

4. Main Subjects

Mechanics, Automobile Engineering, Computer Technology

5. Main Courses

Higher mathematics, mechanical drawing, theory of machines and mechanisms, theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, machine design, electrical and electronic technology, computer aided design, automobile structure, automobile theory, theory of internal combustion engine, automobile design, automobile test

6. Similar Programs

Mechanical design manufacturing and automation, material forming and control engineering, industrial design, process equipment and control engineering, mechanical engineering and automation, mechanical and electronic engineering, automobile service engineering, auto insurance and claims

7. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can engage in technical work fields, such as the design and development of automobile and spare parts, auto body and styling design, vehicle electronic technology applications, vehicle performance test and experimental study, the automobile manufacturing process, tooling and production management. Students can engage in vehicle maintenance and management work for departments of transportation and management and teaching and scientific research in related fields.


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