Engineering Degree Program in China - Mechanical Engineering

1. Introduction

Mechanical Engineering is an application-oriented discipline that studies and solves all the theoretical and practical problems in the development, design, manufacture, installation, use and repair of all kinds of machinery with related natural science and technology science as the theoretical basis, combining with the production practice of technical experience. Machinery is one of the five main factors of production and service in modern society (human, capital, energy, material and machinery), and is involved in the production of energy and materials.

2. Training Objectives

Mechanical engineering is to cultivate senior engineering and technical personnel with the basic knowledge and application ability of mechanical design, manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering and automation, can engage in the research, design, manufacture, control, programming of all kinds of machinery, mechanical and electrical products and systems, equipment and apparatus, numerical control equipment development, computer aided programming, industrial robots and precision electromechanical device, intelligent machines, micro machinery, power machinery and other high-tech products and systems design, manufacturing, development, application in the management of technology in scientific research units, enterprises, high technology companies with computer aided design, engineering, manufacturing and technical analysis.

3. Major Courses

Mechanical engineering drawing, electrical and electronic technology, electrical and mechanical equipment automatic detection, mechanical structure analysis and application of hydraulic system and maintenance, machinery manufacturing technology, NC equipment operation and maintenance, mechanical system installation and debugging, electrical equipment control and repair, modern equipment management, electrical and mechanical equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance, metalworking practice, maintenance electrician training, comprehensive benchwork practice, machine tool row and therefore maintenance training, senior vocational qualification training and identification and post practice and graduation design.

4. Training Requirements

The students mainly study mechanical design, manufacturing, electrician electronic technology, computer technology, information processing technology and automation of the basic theory, basic modern mechanical engineer by training, and possess the basic ability in mechanical, electrical and mechanical product design, manufacturing and system technology analysis and production organization and management, equipment control.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1) Has a solid foundation of natural science, good humanities, arts and social science foundation and the correct use of their own language, the ability to express;

2). Systematically master the professional field of broad basic knowledge of technology and theory, including the basic knowledge of mechanics, mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, computer technology, mechanical engineering, materials, mechanical design engineering, mechanical manufacturing base, market economy and business management, etc.;

3). Basic skills, such as drawing, calculation, testing, document retrieval and basic process operations, are required to be used in computer applications;

4). Professional knowledge is necessary for a professional direction in the professional field, to understand the scientific frontier and development trend;

5). Preliminary scientific research, scientific and technological development and organizational management capabilities;

6). Have strong self study ability, innovation consciousness and high comprehensive quality.

5. Program Characteristics

Mechanical engineering and automation involves machinery design, machinery manufacturing, mechanical and electronic engineering in one, taking "mechatronics control", "advanced manufacturing technology" as features, experiment and practice base as the basis, to reform the teaching oriented, with excellent teachers as the main body, cultivate a large number of senior engineering and technical personnel in mechanical engineering and automation in the field of the advanced design and manufacturing technology, combined with microelectronics and computer application technology, the integration of mechanical and electrical products and modern manufacturing system planning, design, development, management and research.

6. Employment Prospects

Scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, enterprises, high-tech company CAD application and analysis software in all kinds of mechanical and electrical products and electrical automatic control systems and equipment to the research, design, manufacturing, such as: industrial robotics, microelectromechanical systems, intelligent device high technology products and systems for design, manufacturing, development, test and research


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