Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering mainly studies methods to improve the effect of side products produced by energy consumption on environment. Energy and environmental system engineering, complex systems engineering, not only depends on automatic control, but also new and high science and technology programs combined by thermal science, mechanics, materials science, mechanical manufacturing, environmental science, computer science, automatic control science, system engineering science.

2. Training Objectives

Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering program trains interdisciplinary senior engineering and technical personnel with the basic knowledge of thermal science and energy and environmental systems engineering; can be engaged in the design, research and management work in the field of clean energy development, power production automation, energy environment protection, refrigeration and low temperature, air conditioning and energy storage, air conditioning and artificial environment. Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering program trains high- quality technology applied talents with basic theory, knowledge and skills in the field of energy utilization and environmental planning, with strong practical ability, innovative consciousness and team spirit. They can work in the field of energy and environment planning and utilization for working of design, production, management and new technology research and new product development.

3. Studying Content

The students mainly study the basic theory and technology of energy and environmental systems engineering, various energy conversion and effective utilization and environmental protection; receive basic training of modern engineer, with the basic ability in design, optimize operation and research innovation of energy and environmental systems engineering and equipment. The students study production and utilization process of change coal, oil, and natural gas into electric power and heat energy; study scientific and technical problems in the field of artificial environment, refrigeration and air conditioning, and low temperature biomedicine; study the development and utilization of new energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy and so on.

4. Main Courses

mechanics of materials, theoretical mechanics, mechanical design, engineering thermodynamics, engineering fluid mechanics, electrics and electronics, heat transfer, energy and environmental system engineering, automatic control theory, energy and environmental engineering and automation serial courses, refrigeration and artificial environment and automatic

5. Similar Programs

Nuclear engineering and nuclear technology, energy and power systems and automation, engineering physics, energy and environmental systems engineering, thermal energy and power engineering

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can go into thermal power generation, energy utilization and transformation related enterprises engaging in manufacturing, repair and maintenance, centralized control operation, production management work in the related field of thermal power plant, thermal engineering, coal chemical industry, new energy development, and environmental protection. Graduates can also go for teaching and engineering design work in schools and research institutes.


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