Engineering Degree Program in China - Social Computing

1. Introduction

Social Computing is a cross discipline between modern computing technology and social science. On the one hand, it is the process that studies society application of computer and information technology, which influences traditional social behaviors. On the other hand, with basic knowledge, theory and method of social science, social computing helps people to understand and study various problems of social science, and to improve efficiency and level of human social activities using computing technology and information technology.

2. Research Content

1) In the perspective of model of complex network system, fusion calculation with multi dimension feature and new information service framework, social computing studies computing model and computer system with combination of network topology and content, discusses the new framework (P2P) of Network information computing (service) and studies effective platform and new application (Stream OS+P2P) of information service and information security management with the requirements of social computing, public opinion security, and the need for new interactive information sharing and information services.

2) With the development of pervasive computing and increasing popularity of sensor and wearable network, social computing is gradually extended to physical field from traditional web information computing and helps to find individuals, groups, and social behavior through perceiving people's mobile and interactive track in physical society.

3. Social Computing Tools

1) Social network sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

2) Enterprise Blog: valuable tools for communication, project status reporting, sharing information related to project and helping others to understand reasons of changing.

3) Internal web site with RSS feeds. 

4) Enterprise wiki.


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