Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology is mainly study theory and technology of microwave transmission in the medium, electromagnetic field target recognition and imaging, microwave spectroscopy, as well as developing research of microwave and optical fiber sensor, microwave spectrometer and microwave absorption materials.

2. Professional Characteristics

Electromagnetic field and microwave technology is a subject which based on the theory of electromagnetic field, optical wave guide theory, optical device physics and microwave circuit theory, and combined with communication system, micro electronic system, computer system, etc.

3.Research Direction

At present, the research direction of electromagnetic field and microwave technology in various colleges and universities have a slightly difference.

The research direction includes:

Electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic inverse problem, computational microwave and computational electromagnetism; computational electromagnetism, smart antenna, radio frequency identification; broad-band antenna, electromagnetic scattering and stealth technology; satellite communication, wireless communication, smart antenna, signal processing; antenna theory and engineering and measurement, new type of antenna; electromagnetic scattering and microwave imaging; antenna CAD, engineering and measurement; mobile satellite communication antenna; antenna theory and engineering; electromagnetic scattering and stealth technology; electromagnetic compatibility, microwave measurement, signal integrity analysis; phased array, conformal phased array antenna technology in mobile communications; computational microwave and computational electromagnetism, microwave communication, antenna engineering, electromagnetic compatibility; electrical impedance imaging, electromagnetic compatibility, nonlinear electromagnetism; Antenna engineering and CAD, microwave radio frequency identification technology, microwave circuit and device; Electromagnetic field, microwave technology and antenna electromagnetic compatibility; Antenna measurement technique and servo control; Antenna theory and Engineering Technology; antenna near far field testing technology and its application, wireless network communication technology; antenna engineering and numerical calculation; microwave circuits and microwave engineering; theory and technology of near field radiation and scattering measurement; microwave system and device design, electromagnetic field numerical calculation; electromagnetic new materials, computational electromagnetism, electromagnetic compatibility; computational electromagnetism, electromagnetic compatibility, artificial synthesis of new materials; computational electromagnetism; electromagnetic stealth technology, antenna theory and Engineering; broadband miniaturized antenna and numerical calculation of electromagnetic field; radio frequency identification, multi-antenna technology; broadband design, miniaturization design of antennas and microwave devices.

4. Training Objectives

Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology cultivates high-level talents who is developing in every way, morally, intellectually and physically, and has a solid theoretical foundation and experimental skills in production, exchange, transmission, transmission, propagation, scattering and reception of electromagnetic signals (RF, microwave and optical) and the acquisition, processing and transmission of information (image, voice, data, etc.), and understand the frontiers and trends in the development of the discipline, with the ability to carry out scientific research independently.

5. Employment Direction

The graduates can be engaged in microwave communication, radar, electronic countermeasure, electromagnetic engineering scientific research, system design, product development and production, equipment operation and maintenance, technical management, marketing and teaching in the Department of IT industry, communication industry, national defense, aviation, aerospace, public security, etc., and can also further study or engage in research and teaching in the domestic and foreign universities and research institutions.



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