Port Logistics Equipment and Automatic Control Program in China

1. Introduction

Port Logistics Equipment and Automatic Control program trains senior engineering and technical personnel with professional knowledge and practical skills of operation, management, application and maintenance of port logistics equipment and automatic control. These personnel can be engaged in operation and management work of port logistics equipments.

2. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master ability of mechanical drawing, tolerance coordination, electrical principle, identifying of wiring diagram and CAD drawing;

2) With operation skills of fitter, welders, metalworking and electrical technology;

3) With strong experimental ability of mechanics, hydraulic technology, electric;

4) With ability of management, application, maintenance and repair of machinery and automatic control equipment; with PLC and computer operation capacity;

5) With ability of self-study and obtaining information;

6) Master technology of operation, maintenance, repair and management of the port logistics electromechanical equipment;

7) With design capacity of mechanical parts and electrical circuit.

3. Main Courses

Container machinery, mechanical and electrical control technology and equipment, machinery maintenance technology, mechanical condition monitoring technology, equipment management, programmable controller, automatic control system, electric technology management, motor and electric drive, simulator of container machinery operation, mechanical and electrical maintenance, machinery monitoring, line operation of electronic technology

4. Practical Teaching

Training of electrical equipment installation, graduation practice

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates can work in operation, maintenance and management departments of logistics equipment , such as port, warehousing companies, airports, stations and factories.


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