Process Equipment and Control Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Process Equipment and Control Engineering is the interdisciplinary program that takes process equipment design basis as the main body, process principle and equipment control technology application as the two wings. The students have strong process equipment, mechanical foundation, control engineering, computer and other basic theory knowledge, and have good engineering technology basic quality and comprehensive ability.

The process equipment and control engineering students master the basic theory and knowledge of control science and engineering, principles of chemical engineering and chemical technology, master the professional knowledge of industrial process measurement and control, and instrumentation development and application of the microcomputer to master professional knowledge and training senior engineering and technical personnel who can be engaged in the industry production process detection and control system design, design of intelligent instruments, micro computer application and software development.

2. Process Equipment

1) Chemical machinery, refers to the main acting components being the movement machinery

2) Chemical equipment, refers to the main acting components are static or only a small part of movement machinery. The division of chemical machinery is not strict, some fluid conveying machinery (such as pumps, fans and compressors, etc.) are also included in the scope of chemical equipment.

3. Control Engineering

Control engineering refers to conducting monitoring, control to the process equipment and its system status and condition, in order to ensure the orderly and stable operation of the production process, improve the reliability and function of the process equipment can be used. Control engineering is combined with modern automation technology, is the combination of modern automation advanced technology and chemical machinery, improve the efficiency of the equipment.

4. Training Objectives

The program trains senior engineering and technical personnel with the basic knowledge and application ability of process equipment and process control, can be engaged in the field of chemistry, petroleum, medicine, light industry, environmental protection, food in process equipment and control design, research, manufacture and management.

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and technology of materials science and all kinds of heat treatment process of and related equipment design method, receive basic training of modern mechanical engineer, with the basic ability of being engaged in all kinds of heat processing technology and equipment design, production organization and management.

6. Knowledge and Ability

1) Systematically master the basic knowledge of technology and theory of the program, mainly including the basic knowledge of mechanics, mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, heat processing base, basic automation, market economy and enterprise management;

2) With basic skills of the necessary mapping, calculation, testing, document retrieval and basic process operations and strong computer application ability;

3) With the professional knowledge of a professional direction in the professional field, understand the scientific frontier and development trends;

4) With strong self-learning ability, innovative consciousness and high comprehensive quality.

7. Main Courses

Microcomputer principle and application, theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, chemical and fluid mechanics, mechanical principles, mechanical design, mechanical drawing, engineering materials and mechanism of foundation, principles of chemical engineering, mechanical basis of process equipment, process equipment design, process fluid machinery, process equipment and control technology and application, process equipment manufacturing and testing, process equipment material corrosion and protection, complete technology of process equipment, etc.

8. Practical Teaching

Metalworking, electrical working and electronic practice, cognition practice, production practice, social practice, curriculum design, graduation design (paper), the general arrangement should be more than 40 weeks.

9. Program Experiments

Process principle experiment, engineering mechanics experimental, electrical and electronic experiment, basic experiment of machinery, pressure vessel strength experiment, pressure vessel stability test, process fluid mechanical properties testing and monitoring experiment, the process equipment performance testing and monitoring experiments.

10. Program Connotation

1) Power engineering and engineering thermal physics

2) Chemical process machinery

3) Process equipment and control engineering

4) Classification of process equipment

Fluid power process and equipment, heat transfer process and equipment, mass transfer process and equipment, thermal process and equipment, mechanical process and equipment, chemical process and equipment

11. Core Knowledge

The core knowledge of the program involves the basic theory and basic knowledge of mechanical engineering, thermal engineering, technological process and control, including engineering mechanics, engineering drawing science, mechanical design, engineering materials, chemical or other industrial process, detection and control technology, process equipment, technology and other fields of knowledge. In addition, the major also involves the mechanical processing and mechanical design, process equipment, especially the pressure vessel design and other engineering technology.

12. Employment Prospects

Graduates are equipped with the basic knowledge and skills of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, control engineering and management engineering and other aspects, can be directly engaged in the chemical, petroleum, medicine, light industry, environmental protection and other process equipment and process computer automatic control design, research, development, manufacturing, technical management and teaching work, and with strong ability to adapt to mechanical and electrical related work.


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