Pipeline Engineering Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Pipeline Engineering Technology program trains advanced technology application-oriented specialized talents who can be engaged in the pipeline engineering design, application technology development and management.

2. Training Requirements

Pipeline engineering technology program trains high-quality, high-skilled personnel who master the necessary theoretical knowledge and basic skills to adapt to the installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, management of the first-line work of port production.

3. Core Abilities

Pipeline engineering design and management

4. Core Courses and Main Practice

Engineering fluid mechanics, engineering thermodynamics, engineering metering, pipeline engineering materials, soil mechanics, pipeline engineering structure, pipeline engineering design, pipeline engineering construction, corrosion and protection of pipeline, pipeline engineering supervision, measurement practice, course and project design, comprehensive graduation practice, etc.

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the design and management departments of fluid pipeline engineering like petrochemistry, construction industry and property and so on.


2024 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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