Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering mainly includes earthquake resistance of engineering structure, structural wind resistant engineering, structural fire resistant engineering and anti explosion engineering. The program mainly studies disaster phenomena occurred in important land traffic construction and operation process; is a kind of information technology combination engineering science and modern technology to study formation conditions, disaster mode, prediction, disaster prevention engineering optimization and prevention management of common disasters; improve the anti disaster ability of highway.

2.Relevant Program

Bridge and tunnel engineering, engineering mechanics, structural engineering, road and railway engineering, geotechnical engineering, geological engineering, materials science, engineering survey, municipal engineering, transportation engineering

3.Research Direction

1) Underground disaster prevention and reduction engineering: solve and prevent damage effect of construction disaster, natural disasters and man-made disasters; find theory and method of earthquake reduction and isolation of underground and assessment method of fire characteristics and damage of underground engineering; develop prevention technology of construction disaster;

2)  Disaster prevention and reduction engineering and protective engineering of line system.

3) geotechnical disaster prediction and prevention engineering: solve frontier issues in studying of geotechnical engineering disaster and great difficulties in disaster prevention and control of geotechnical engineering  with knowledge of geotechnical engineering, earth science, environmental science and disaster science by application of modern scientific theories and technology.

4) Wind resistance and earthquake resistance of large structure building: research reason for causing  wind damage and earthquake damage and find effective measures for Wind resistance and earthquake resistance of large structure building with modern scientific  theory and technology.

4. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can be engaged in work of technical development, survey, design, especially special engineering design ,operation and management in field of civil engineering especially in departments of railway, highway, airport and defense; can be engaged in teaching and scientific research work in higher education institutions and scientific research departments.



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