Water Quality Science and Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Water Quality Science and Technology is a comprehensive interdiscipline that studies the changing laws of water quality and control technology of water quality in the process of the social circulation of water, being original power plant chemistry program. It takes the basic science of water quality, water treatment and water quality regulation technology as the main content of research, to develop and use water treatment and water quality control technology, to provide industrial water to meet the specific requirements of the quality and quantity, to realize the safe, economic and efficient operation of large industrial system equipment and the sustainable utilization of water resources. Water quality is a major problem which restricts the sustainable development of the national economy and society.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains senior specialized talents with solid theoretical basis, experimental ability and professional knowledge in chemistry, chemical industry, materials, electronics, computer, instruments and apparatuses, automatic control and other disciplines, grasp the water quality control technology and sustainable utilization of water resources of various industrial fields, with the design, research and development ability of water treatment process, equipment and system, can be engaged in the scientific research of water quality, water quality engineering planning, design of water treatment system, water quality monitoring and control, material protection, the development of new technology, new equipment, new materials and new process of water treatment, and engaged in the production and operation management in the related enterprises.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1) With solid foundation of natural science, human science and social science, strong computer application ability;

2) Comprehensively master the basic theory of water quality science, chemistry, chemical industry and so on, systematically master the professional knowledge and experimental skills of water treatment theory and technology, the principle of metal corrosion and corrosion prevention technology, water quality analysis and monitoring, automatic control of water quality process system, understand the theoretic frontier of water quality science and technology and development trend of the new technology and new process;

3) With the basic ability of the planning and design of water quality engineering, commissioning, operation and management of water treatment and water quality control system and analysis, monitoring of water quality, with the initial ability of conducting scientific research and technological development of water quality.

4. Main Courses

Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, water quality science basis, water chemistry, water ecology, engineering mathematics, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, computer aided design, principle of chemical engineering, water treatment, water quality engineering of nuclear power plant, water pollution control, material protection, water quality analysis and monitoring technology, intelligent instrument and apparatuses, principle of automatic control, computer control technology, automation of water treatment equipment, water treatment system design, computer network, water industry law, water industry economics, etc.

5. Program Experiments

Water quality science basis, water treatment, metal corrosion, instrument and program control, water quality monitoring and so on

6. Main Practice

Metal processing and material processing practice, cognition practice of production process, comprehensive experiment of the program, water treatment system design, graduation practice, and graduation thesis (design).

7. Similar Programs

Water supply and drainage engineering, environmental engineering, safety engineering, disaster prevention and control engineering, groundwater science and engineering, environmental science and engineering, radiation protection and environmental engineering

8. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in the water quality analysis, water quality test, water quality monitoring, water quality management, sewage treatment, water processing, technology of aquatic diseases, water quality instrument sales and teaching in the industries of power, environmental, municipal, petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear industry, metallurgy, military industry, electronics, biology, pharmaceutical, paper making, food and beverage industries, colleges and universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, government agencies and other departments.


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