Engineering Degree Program in China - Chemical Industry of Forest Products

1. Introduction

Chemical Industry of Forest Products program cultivates senior engineering and technical personnel with the knowledge of trees and forest products chemical composition, properties, chemical conversion and chemical engineering, can be occupied in the field of chemical industry of forest products, fine chemical, pulp and paper, chemical industry and other enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutions engaged in forest chemical industry production, set design, product research and development.

2. Training Objectives

The program is to develop talents with the basic theory and basic knowledge of phytochemistry, chemical processing of forestry products, fine chemical process and bio chemical aspects, master the basic skills of chemical industry of forest products production process design, equipment selection and raw materials and product analysis and of personnel. After graduation, the students can be employed in the chemical industry, research institutes and universities engaged in forest products chemical processing, fine chemical processing and biological chemical processing technology design, equipment selection and new product development.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, chemical engineering, polymer chemistry, natural product chemistry, forest products chemical nature and transformation, receive the basic training in chemical processing of forest products production process design, equipment selection and raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products analysis test, with the basic ability of main forest products chemical processing and biological chemical process flow, equipment design, new product research and development, production process of technological transformation.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Have solid theoretical knowledge of mathematics, chemistry and physics and so on;

2) Master the basic theory and experimental techniques of plant chemistry, chemical engineering and technology and forestry engineering;

3) Master the basic principles, process design and equipment selection of forest chemical processing, fine chemicals and processing and bio chemical processing.

4) With the ability of research and development of chemical industry of forest products of new products, new technology and new equipment;

5) Familiar with forestry, forest chemical industry, environmental protection policies and regulations;

6) Understand plant chemistry, chemical engineering, forestry chemical theory, application prospects and development trends;

7) Master the basic method of document retrieval, data query, can independently obtain knowledge and have certain scientific research and practical work ability;

8) Strong ability of research and decision-making, organization and management, oral and written expression.

9) With a high comprehensive quality and a certain ability to innovate.

5. Main Subjects

Chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, forestry engineering

6. Main Courses

Inorganic and analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, plant resources, natural product chemistry, principles of chemical engineering, natural resin process, extraction of trees, wood pyrolysis technology, technology of fine chemicals, bio chemical technology, chemical instrument and automation, chemical equipment machinery foundation and introduction to industrial design, etc.

7. Practice Teaching

Experiment, teaching practice, production practice, curriculum design, graduation thesis (design), the general arrangement is for 30-35 weeks.

8. Program Experiments

Wood chemistry experiments, natural resin processing experiments, wood hydrolysis and pyrolysis experiments, extract chemical experiments, matter and energy experiment, etc.

9. Similar Programs

Forest engineering, wood science and engineering, agricultural engineering, landscape architecture, landscape architecture, landscape science

10. Employment Prospects

The students after graduation are mainly engaged in the forest products industry, chemical industry, daily chemical, food, pharmaceutical, commerce and other enterprises and research institutions for forest products chemical processing, fine chemical process and bio chemical process design, equipment selection, production, technology management and new product R & D work.


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