Engineering Degree Program in China - Communication Engineering

1. Introduction

Communication Engineering is an important branch of electronic engineering, one of the electronic information category, but also a basic discipline. The program is concerned with the principle and application of information transmission and signal processing in the process of communication. The program studies communication technology, communication system and communication network, being engaged in research, design, manufacture, operation in the field of communication and being engaged in the development and application of communication technology and equipment in all sectors of the national economy and national defense industry. 

The program is a very dynamic area with the rapid development of information science and technology, especially digital mobile communications, optical fiber communication, Internet communication makes people feel unprecedented convenient in transmitting information and obtaining information. Communication engineering focuses on transmitting information from the sender (source) to one or more receivers in the form of electromagnetic waves, sound waves or light waves through the electric pulse.The receiver can correctly identify the information, depending on the level of loss in the transmission. Signal processing is an important part of communication engineering, including filtering, encoding and decoding, etc. After graduation, students can be engaged in the research of wireless communications, television, large-scale integrated circuits, intelligent instruments and application of electronic technology research, design and research of communication engineering, and technology introduction and technology development.

Communication engineering mainly studies the signal generation, information transmission, information exchange and information processing, as well as some theories of computer communications, digital communications, satellite communications, optical fiber communications, cellular communications, personal communication, the stratospheric communication, multimedia technology, the information superhighway, digital process control exchange and engineering application.

2. Practical Teaching

Computer training, electronic technology practice, circuit synthesis experiment, production practice, curriculum design, graduation design. Teaching time is not less than 30 weeks.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory of communication system and communication network, composition principle and design method, and receive the basic training of communication engineering, with the ability of designing, developing, debugging, testing the modern communication system and network. and engineering application.

4. Knowledge and Ability

(1) To master basic theory and knowledge of communication;

(2) To master communication technology, such as optical wave, wireless, multimedia, 

(3) To master the analysis and design method of communication system and communication network;

(4) With basic ability of design, development, measurement and application of communication systems and communication networks;

(5) To understand the basic principles, policies and regulations of communication systems and communication networks;

(6) To master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, with the ability of scientific research and practice

5. Main Subjects

Information and communication engineering, computer science and technology.

6. Main Courses

Circuit theory and application, computer technology, signal and system, electromagnetic field theory, digital system and logic design, digital signal processing, communication theory, etc..

7. Similar Majors

Microelectronics, automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication engineering, computer science and technology, electronic science and technology, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and automation, Information Engineering, Information Science and technology, Software engineering, Art of film and television technology, Network engineering, Information display and Optoelectronic Technology, Integrated circuit design and integrated system, Photoelectric information engineering, Radio and Television Engineering, Electrical Information Engineering, Computer software, Power engineering and management, Intelligent science and technology, Digital media art, Computer science and technology, Detection guidance and control technology, Electrical engineering and automation, Digital media technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Building electrical and intelligent, Electromagnetic field and wireless technology.

8. Employment Direction

It’s suitable for the graduates to be engaged in scientific research, technology development, business and management in Posts and telecommunications department and companies, or the department of railway, electric power and others.


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