Engineering Degree Program in China - Optical Fiber Communications

1. Introduction

Optical Fiber Communication is a kind of communication mode using light wave as information carrier, and optical fiber as the communication way. In principle, the basic material elements of fiber communication are optical fiber, light source and light detector. It also can be classified as the application of communication and sensing in addition to the classification of manufacturing process, material composition and optical properties. Optical fiber of transmission medium has two kinds of usage, for common or special use. But, optical fiber with functional devices can be used for light amplification, shaping, frequency divider, frequency doubling, modulation, in the form of device. Today, optical fiber with its transmission frequency bandwidth, high anti-interference and the small probability of signal attenuation, is far better than cable, microwave communication, and has become the main transmission mode in the world. 

2. Training Objectives

The program trains the talents who can be engaged in the planning and construction of the optical fiber network engineering, debugging and maintenance of SDH system, and the maintenance of the core network and access network of the telecommunication. They also possess strong ability of the design, construction, route planning of cable and optical cable, and work on the equipment install, debugging and maintenance of optical fiber in its related field.

3. Main Courses

Engineering drawing, circuit and signal, electronic technology, the single chip microcomputer and embedded system, principle of optical fiber communication, optical fiber communication equipment, integrated service access network, CATV system, communication optical cable line, access network technology, communication power supply, computer application base foundation, computer network infrastructure, digital communication theory, communication terminal equipment and so on.

4. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the design, construction, and project supervision of telecommunication line and access network; the installation, debugging, and maintenance of optical fiber communication equipment; and the planning, design, construction, and supervision of communication network.

5. Application Field

Optical fiber communication is very widely used, such as in the global communications network, telecommunication network, high-quality color television transmission, the monitoring and dispatching in the industry production, the monitoring, command and control of the traffic, urban cable television network, common antenna (CATV) system, fiber-optic local area network(FLAN), and also in the aircraft, spacecraft, ships, mines, electric power departments, military , even for the corrosion and radiation use.

Optical fiber transmission system is mainly composed of an optical transmitter, optical receiver, optical cable transmission lines, optical repeater and various types of passive optical device. To complete communication, it needs to use electric end machine to process signal, and then send it to the optical fiber transmission system.

It is suitable for optical fiber analog communication system, optical fiber digital communication system and data communication system. In the optical fiber analog communication system, the electrical signal processing means amplification and pre-modulation of baseband signal, but electrical signal reverse-processing means demodulation and amplification and other processing. In digital optical fiber communication system, electrical signal processing means the amplification, sampling, quantization of the baseband signal, that is, pulse code modulation (PCM) and line code coding processing, but electrical signal reverse-processing means inverse process. For data optical fiber communication, the signal processing mainly includes the amplification of the signal, and it does not need the code type transformation, which is different from digital communication system.


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