Engineering Degree Program in China - Landscape Architecture

1. Introduction

Landscape Architecture is a subject or an industry which uses scientific and artistic means to create beautiful outdoor living environment for human beings. And it’s a comprehensive discipline with a combination of "biology and ecology", and other non biological disciplines (such as civil engineering, architectural, urban planning), philosophy, history, literature and art. The program trains talents with the knowledge of landscape planning and design, urban planning and design, scenic spots and various types of urban green space planning and design, can be engaged in planning, design, construction and management in the department of urban construction and garden.

The program is involved with the knowledge of many other disciplines: urban planning and architecture, geology, natural geography, soil science, meteorology, biology, botany, ecology, horticulture science, forestry, literature, art, aesthetics, and sociology. It includes the landform design of classical garden, small-scale garden, garden, park; the design of roads, buildings, piled rocks and planting and urban green space system planning, scenic area planning. In addition, landscape architecture is also about the design of small garden, land use, management of natural resources, changes and development of agricultural region, and the protection of the earth's ecology, system planning of urban and rural green space.

2. Research Directions

1) History and theory of landscape architecture

2) Landscape planning and design

3) Landscape planning and ecological restoration

4) Landscape conservation

5) Landscape plants and its application

6) Landscape engineering and technology

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of landscape planning and regional planning; receive the basic training in landscape architecture planning and design, with the basic ability of landscape planning, landscape design and landscape planning and management.

4. Knowledge and Abilities

(1). Master the basic knowledge of landscape planning and design, city planning and design, scenic spots and all kinds of city green space planning and design; with the strong ability of innovation, planning and design;

(2). Master the knowledge of ornamental botany, garden trees, flowers, and be able to use landscape plants to create new landscape

(3). Know the principles, policies and regulations of urban planning and design, landscape planning and design, environmental protection, and urban greening

(4). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, with the ability of scientific research and practice;

(5). with the knowledge of humanities and social sciences and related disciplines, and with the strong ability of comprehensive analysis, language skills, and solving practical problems;

(6). with the strong ability of research and decision-making, organization and management, with the ability of independent access to knowledge, and the ability of information processing and innovation.

5. Main Courses

Art media, calligraphy, engineering mechanics, architectural engineering, photography, landscape architecture structure and tectonics, architectural engineering, gardening, design thinking, fundamentals of management, economics & management, geology and geomorphology, resources and environment, garden computer aided design, interior design, environmental psychology and behavior, planting and conservation of garden tree, scenic area planning, the art of inserting flowers, garden model production, turfgrass science, tourism, urban landscape design

6. Employment Prospects

The graduates can work in the design institutes, design companies of nursery and garden, tourism planning and design companies, scenic tourist areas, and real estate companies, or be engaged in the teaching at colleges or universities. They can also be employed in the department and institution of environmental engineering, municipal gardens, public utilities, urban and rural planning and construction management.


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