Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Antenna Program in China

1. Introduction

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Antenna mainly researches the application of electromagnetic wave radiation, propagation and scattering in the field of communication, radar, remote sensing, navigation and others through learning the theories, methods, and experiment skills of modern physics and electronic information science. The program aims to cultivate talents with solid foundation of mathematics and physics, master the basic theory of modern electronic information science and technology, basic knowledge and experimental skills, and use computers and other modern tools to analyze, design the acquisition of Radio system and information. 

2. Knowledge and Ability

(1) Master the basic knowledge, theory and skills of mathematics, physics, radio propagation and antenna;

(2) Master the basic theory and application technology of radio wave propagation and antenna;

(3) Possess the ability of designing and developing with the combination of the radio wave propagation, antenna, computer, SCM, 

(4) With the ability to solve the problem of radio wave propagation and antenna;

3. Main Courses

Signal and system, electromagnetic theory, wave propagation, electromagnetic wave scattering, antenna theory and design, microwave technology, circuit analysis, analog circuits and digital logic design and application of Microcomputer Principle and interface technology, mathematical methods in electromagnetic field, array antenna consists of analysis and synthesis, adaptive antenna, antenna and microwave measurement, digital signal processing, random signal analysis

Electronic circuit and experiment, signal and system, experiment and electromagnetic field theory, microcomputer principle and interface technology and experiment, communication theory and experiment, the radio frequency circuit and the digital signal processing and experimental, space weather study introduction, propagation and experiment, antenna theory and experiment, the principle and experiment of microwave, integrated circuit design and experiment, foundation of software technology, computer network, principle of radar, DSP technology and application, embedded system design.

Numerical calculation method, equations of mathematical physics, electromagnetic field theory, microwave technology, radio communication Conspectus, communication principle, principle of antenna, microwave simulation technology, principle and application of single chip microcomputer, ionospheric propagation, tropospheric propagation, microwave devices and circuits, wire antennas and antenna, array antenna, wave propagation, electromagnetic compatible principle and technology, antenna CAD, radio frequency identification technology, microwave remote sensing based, intelligent antenna, radio wave propagation numerical method

4. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in some scientific research, technology applications, technology development in the field of information electronics, aerospace, marine, telecommunications and other industrial field. 

5. Similar Major

Electromagnetic field and wireless technology


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