Engineering Degree Program in China - Civil Engineering

1. Introduction

Civil engineering is the general designation of science and technology for the construction of all kinds of engineering facilities. It dose not only refer to the materials and equipment used, the survey, design, construction, maintenance, maintenance and other technical activities, but also the object of engineering construction. It means build all kinds of engineering facilities above or below ground, on land or in water, directly or indirectly service for human life, production, military and scientific research, such as housing, roads, railways, pipelines, tunnels, bridges, canals, dams, ports, power plants, airports, offshore platforms, water supply and drainage and protection works.

2. Main Subjects

Mechanics, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering

3. Major Courses

Theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, soil mechanics, building materials, concrete structure and steel structure, building structure, bridge structure, underground structure, survey and design of road and sub-grade and pavement structure, construction technology and management.

4. Practical Courses

Practical courses includes: cognition practice, surveying practice, practical of engineering geology, production practice, structure course design, graduation design or graduation thesis, etc.

5. Training Objectives

Civil engineering trains senior engineering and technical personnel who master the basic theory and basic knowledge of engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, rock-soil mechanics and municipal engineering, have the ability to engage in planning, design, research and development, construction and management of civil engineering projects, and can be engaged in technical or managerial work in departments such as design, research, construction, education, management, investment and development departments of buildings, underground structures, tunnels, roads, bridges, mines, etc.

6. Training Requirement

Students mainly study the basic theory of engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, rock-soil mechanics and municipal engineering, receive basic training in curriculum design, test instrumentation operation and field practice, get the ability to engage in planning, design, research, construction, management of civil engineering projects.

7. Similar Majors:   

Construction engineering technology, architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, road, bridge and river-crossing engineering, architectural environment and equipment engineering, water supply and drainage engineering 

8. Employment Direction

Civil engineering has two different employment directions: road and bridge construction and building construction. Graduates can be a construction worker, building engineer, structural engineer, technical manager, project manager in building construction enterprises, real estate development enterprises, road and bridge construction enterprises, or be a project designer, auditor, urban planner, estimator, budget engineer in project prospecting and designing units, real estate development enterprises, project cost advisory institutions, or be a supervision engineer in building, road, bridge supervision companies, project quality inspection and supervision departments, or be an engineer in railway departments, or be a civil servant in transportation and municipal administration departments, or be a teacher in colleges, scientific research and design units.


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