Pipeline Engineering Construction Program in China

1. Introduction

Pipeline Engineering Construction program trains specialized talents who can be engaged in the technology and management departments in the field of fluid pipeline engineering construction, such as the oil and gas, chemical industry, construction industry, etc.

2. Main Content

1) The understanding of the municipal common pipes

2) Basic operation technology of pipeline installation

3) Slotting construction of water supply pipeline

4) Slotting construction of drainage pipe

5) Heating pipeline construction

6) Gas pipeline construction

7) Pipe jacking engineering

8) Comprehensive management and cross construction of urban underground pipelines

9) Pipeline maintenance and repair, municipal pipeline engineering practice

3. Training Objectives

The program trains advanced technology application-oriented talents who master the basic theory and skills of pipeline engineering construction, can be engaged in pipeline installation construction.

4. Knowledge and Skills

Installation construction technology and skills, construction organization and management of pipeline engineering

5. Core Courses and Main Practice

Heat supply engineering, industrial ventilation, boiler and boiler room, air conditioning, refrigeration engineering, gas engineering, building water supply and drainage engineering, the pipeline corrosion and protection, pipeline engineering construction and budget, pipeline engineering supervision, installation construction technology, engineering construction practice, comprehensive graduation training, etc.

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in technical and management departments in fluid pipeline engineering construction like the oil and gas, chemical industry, construction industry and so on.


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