Employment Prospects with Agriculture degree

Brief Introduction

The International Labour Organization states that approximately one billion people, or over 1/3 of the available work force, are employed in the global agricultural sector. The service sector only overtook the agricultural sector as the largest global employer. The percentage of people employed in agriculture fell by over four percentage points, a trend that is expected to continue. Employment Prospects for a graduate with agriculture degree are widely increased worldwide. Specifically, the job opportunities for graduate from Chinese universities with agriculture degree are growing worldwide. There are needed as food scientists, forest protection experts, plant scientists, farm-animal veterinarians, agriculture specialists, agro-science educators, crop advisors, and pest specialists, this growth in job opportunities vary country to country. Interestingly, employers in some food, agriculture, veterinary medicine, and agro-science areas continue to struggle to find enough graduates to fill jobs in many countries. However, always employers seek to hire a diverse workforce reflective of society as a whole, means the one who got quality agriculture education during university studies. 

Overview on global agriculture industry 

The agriculture industry is responsible for fulfilling humans' need for energy, and to some extent, shelter. In addition to food crops and livestock, the industry includes field crops such as cotton or tobacco. This is a huge industry, which employs approximately 42 percent of the world's laborers, although it composes less than 5 percent of the combined GDPs of the world. The Agriculture industry is fragmented. The production in this industry is divided among a few different companies, however, no single firm has large enough share of the market to be able to influence the industry's direction or price levels.

Most employers prefer to hire graduates with this expertise.  Thought, agriculture graduates from China have expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, and the environment which are essential to address the world priorities of food security, sustainable energy, and environmental quality. Graduates in these professional specialties not only are expected to provide answers and leadership to meet these growing challenges in the world, but they also must exert global leadership in providing sustainable food systems, adequate water resources, and renewable energy in a world of population growth and climate change. Graduates who have completed internships or work experiences in China related to the jobs they apply for are more likely to be hired all over the world.

Employment prospects with agriculture degree 

- Forest managers 

Numbers of job openings in sustainable forest management are expected to grow in the next few years. Foresters and ecosystem managers will continue to find jobs with government agencies and private forest management firms. However, relatively more of the new positions will be in the private sector. Growing demand for outdoor recreation will contribute to good opportunities for naturalists and forest recreation workers. Forest management companies and agribusinesses will continue to hire environmental consultants to ensure environmental quality and to comply with governmental regulations.

- Precision agriculture specialists

The numbers of large commercial farms and ranches continue to decrease, there will be more producers growing fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and organic crops located near towns, cities, and metropolitan centers. More consumers will search out locally grown foods. Poultry and swine production managers will be in demand. Therefore, precision agriculture specialists who provide products and services for farmers and ranchers will likely continue to be great demand. There will be continued strong demand for qualified and certified pest control specialists in agriculture and forestry. 

- Food production consultants 

More often than in the past, food production consultants may find jobs working with growers to assure compliance with contracted production management operations. Graduates with degrees in sustainable crop production and management are more likely fare better in the employment market than those with degrees in animal production and management. Consumer demand for safe food means a continued need for governmental inspectors of food processing operations and of imported food and agricultural products. Increasing regulations in food production, food safety, water management, and environmental quality will increase jobs for specialists in these areas. 

- Agriculture Teachers and researchers

International students graduated from China in any agriculture area may find excellent employment opportunities as teachers in universities, colleges and high schools either in home country or elsewhere. Foreigner graduates from Chinese universities have skills that qualify them for a wide range of occupations. Because about one-third of the graduates chose occupations other than teaching, schools face an ongoing shortage of qualified teachers. Colleges of agricultural and life sciences will face increasing challenges as they search for faculty members with interests and aptitudes to teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in any agriculture area. Qualified researchers are in demand in agricultural research institutions all over the world. 

- Food scientists 

Consumer demand for nutritious and safe food will contribute to strong demand for food scientists and technologists in new product development, food processing, and food safety. As world population ages and more people retire, the demand for dietitians and nutritionists will remain strong. Food-animal nutritionists will see a continued strong employment market in research and development programs connected with feed and animal-health companies.

- Plant scientists

Plant science graduates at all degree levels will find excellent career opportunities. They will find many opportunities for plant geneticists, plant pathologists, and insect biologists to develop higher-yielding crops adapted to less-than-optimal growing conditions. Demand also will be strong for expertise in production of sustainable products made from wood and other biomaterials. 

Overseas agricultural organizations are often interested in recruiting international graduated students, because they trust their skills and working ability.


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