Agriculture Degree Program in China - Crop Science

1. Introduction

Crop Science is one of the core subjects of agricultural science, and it is divided into two directions: crop breeding and crop cultivation.

The fundamental task of crop science is the study of the genetic laws and breeding technology of important traits of crops, breeding excellent varieties, and realizing the good seeds, seed standardization; also revealing crop growth development, yield and quality formation rules and relationship with environment, take agronomic measures will seed genetic function is transformed into practical productive forces and realize the goal of high-yield, high-quality, efficient, ecological and safe production, to provide a reliable technical support for food security and agricultural products effective supply, ecological security, modern agriculture sustainable development.

2. Development Status

Outstanding development in crop genetic breeding

1). the rapid development of modern breeding characterized with biotechnology

2). New species, which focusing on improving key traits, are emerging.

3). Breeding technology, which takes method system establishment as the core, has developed.

Speed up the development of crop cultivation

1) The super high yield technology with the yield potential as a breakthrough has become a hot spot.

2) Top quality and high yielding technique focusing on the synergistic improvement of the quality and yield develops in depth.

3) Accurate quantitative technology characterized with modern technology application develops fast.

4) Simplified high efficiency technology focusing on resource conservation has new development.

5) The cultivation theory and technology with crop physiology high efficiency mechanism as the breakthrough develops constantly.


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