Agriculture Degree Program in China - Preventive Veterinary Medicine

 1. Introduction

Preventive Veterinary Medicine is a discipline that studies the pathogenic characteristics, pathogenesis, epidemic regularity, diagnosis, prevention and principle and technology of control of infectious diseases and invasive diseases of animals. The subject is composed of three original two-level disciplines, veterinary microbiology and immunology, infectious diseases and preventive veterinary medicine, veterinary parasitic and parasitic diseases.
2. Study Scope
Study scope of veterinary medicine involves a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, parasites and infections, including livestock, poultry, family, animal experimental animal, wild animal, aquatic animal and people, deep into groups and individuals, the cellular and molecular level. It is a reflect of theoretical research and practical application of veterinary medicine. This subject is not only related to animal health, but also directly serving the field of public health, food safety, animal quarantine, veterinary biological products, veterinary health administration and environmental protection, etc.

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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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