Agriculture Degree Program in China - Wildlife and Nature Reserve Management

1. Introduction

Wildlife and Nature Reserve Management is an interdisciplinary subject relating to several fields, involving not only animal science knowledge, but also requiring students with deep understanding of the animal quarantine, nature reserve management, wild animal tissue anatomy, biochemistry, animal genetics, breeding and reproduction of artificial breeding technology.

2. Training Objectives

Wildlife and nature reserve management program trains senior scientific and technical personnel with the knowledge of wild animal breeding and domestication, quarantine, prevention and treatment of disease and natural protection area planning and design, management, can work at wildlife research unit, national customs and border ports, industry and commerce, natural protection zone, zoos and other departments or units engaged in wildlife protection and utilization, quarantine and nature reserve resource management.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of conservation biology, wild animals and plant protection and utilization, animal genetics, breeding and reproduction, preventive veterinary science, resources management in nature reserve management; receive basic training in micro sectioning technology, animal anatomy, biochemistry analysis, business feed form analysis, nature reserve planning, animal and plant quarantine, have the basic ability of investigation and evaluation of wild animal resources, wild animal products identification and development and utilization, management.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Have solid theoretical knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry and so on;

2) Master basic theory and knowledge of forestry, biology and animal husbandry;

3) Master the methods for the investigation of the micro production, biochemical analysis, nutrient composition analysis, the radio telemetry technology of wildlife, the quantity of wildlife population and the resources of nature reserve;

4) With the initial capacity of wild animal breeding, protection, utilization, disease prevention, quarantine, nature reserve planning and design, animal and plant resources investigation, monitoring and management;

5) Familiar with the guidelines, policies and regulations for the protection and utilization of wild animals and the protection of forest resources;

6) Understand the theoretical frontier, application prospect and development trend of wild animal science and conservation biology.

5. Main Subjects

Forestry, animal science, nature reserve planning

6. Main Courses

Operation and management of forest resources, forest ecology, forest environment science, biotechnology, animal science, wild animal anatomy, biochemistry, animal genetics, breeding and reproduction, wild animal physiology, etc.

7. Practice Teaching

Experiment, teaching practice, production practice, graduation thesis (design), the general arrangement is 30-35 weeks.

8. Employment Prospects

Wildlife and nature reserve management graduates mainly go to research institutes, national customs and border crossings, industry and commerce, nature reserve, zoos, animal husbandry field and other business units engaged in the management of nature reserves, wildlife protection, sustainable use of natural resources, domestication and breeding, industrial development and teaching, scientific research, administrative management, production management.


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