Agriculture Degree Program in China - Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control

1. Introduction

Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control belongs to plant protection, mainly develops senior agricultural technical personnel who can be engaged in the classification and identification, occurrence law and prediction, forecast of plant protection and pest with the risks, plant quarantine and comprehensive control of pest . Face directly to the production practice, to provide theoretical basis and practical technology for the guidance of the integrated control of main crop pests, the utilization of resources and the production of non pollution agricultural production.

2. Research Directions

1) insect physiology and biochemistry

2) insect ecology

3) insect taxonomy

4) insect diseases and biological control

5) insect behavior and chemical ecology

6) genetics and molecular biology of insects

7) insect pharmacology

8) city and storage of entomology

9) resource entomology

10) integrated control of agricultural insect (mite) and pest

11) principle and application of crop resistance to insect pests

12) plant quarantine

13) insect toxicology

3. Program Characteristics

Agricultural entomology and pest control disciplines is the applied science that studies occurrence and development regulation and control theory and technology of agricultural insects and other pests, provide effective protection to improve crop yield and quality and agricultural sustainable development.

4. Main Course

Insect ecology, insect physiology, insect taxonomy, genetics or biochemistry, new progress in agricultural insect and pest control, insect toxicology.

5. Related Disciplines

Plant pathology, agricultural pharmacy, zoology, botany, plant physiology, ecology, crop cultivation and farming, crop genetics and breeding, ecology, molecular biology and computer application technology, etc.

6. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can be engaged in the teaching work at colleges and universities, plant protection, scientific research institutions, research and management, plant protection and management departments for all levels of management work, also can be engaged in the detection and prevention of plant diseases and insect pests as well as foreign and within the plant quarantine work, and can be as large and medium-sized farm, forest, botanical garden, science park, garden department, biotechnology and pesticide companies and all levels of plant protection station for technical, marketing, operation and management.


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