Agriculture Degree Program in China - Weed Science

1. Introduction

Weed Science starts from the definition of weeds, systematically describes the biology and ecology of weeds, weed occurrence and harm, main weed species; the main varieties of herbicide characteristics, mechanism, applicable crops and control objects and efficacy and phytotoxicity, resistance and residual; weed control methods, comprehensive control technology of main crop weeds; Weed Science main research methods. While paying attention to the basic knowledge of weeds, focus on the latest development trends of weed science in the field of exotic weeds, biological herbicides, transgenic herbicide resistant crops, weed resistance and integrated control of weeds.

2. Weeds

Weeds refer to the plants that grow on the fields that are harmful to human survival and activity, usually non cultivated wild plants or plants that are not useful for human beings.

3. Main Content

1) Biology and ecology of weeds

2) The classification of weeds and the main types of garden weeds

3) Exotic weeds and their management

4) Method of weed control

5) Chemical herbicide

6) Field weed control technology of main crops 

7) Research methods of weed science

4. Control Methods

1) Plant quarantine

2) Artificial weed control

3) Mechanical weed control

4) Physical weed control

5) Chemical weed control

6) Biological weed control

7) Ecological weed control

8) Integrated control


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