Agriculture Degree Program in China - Pharmaceutical Botany

1. Introduction

Pharmaceutical Botany is a discipline that studies the morphology, structure, physiological function, classification, identification, cell tissues culture, resource development and rational utilization of plants with medical and health care function. The main task of medicinal botany is systematic study of botanical knowledge, to study the classification and identification of medicinal plants, to investigate the resources of medicinal plants, to sort out the types of Chinese herbal medicines, to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the use of medicinal herbs.

In a narrow sense, pharmaceutical botany is a subject that studies the traditional or folk use of plant to prevent and treat diseases. Generalized meaning also involves the identification of the species of plants, traditional classification, cataloging, as well as active ingredients to share extraction, pharmacological research, etc.

2. Basic Content

The basic content of pharmaceutical botany can be divided into two parts, plant morphology and plant system. Plant morphology and anatomy part focuses on plant cells, plant tissues and seed plants organs; the part of plant classification system focuses on plant classification principle and method, system of plant evolution, each group of characteristics and main medicinal plants, etc.

3. Research Content

1) Study and identify the original plants of traditional Chinese medicine, to ensure the accuracy of the source of medicinal herbs  

2) Investigate and study medicinal plant resources in order to lay the foundation for rational utilization and protection of resources

3) Use discipline rules to constantly look for and develop new medicinal resources

4) Use plant biotechnology to expand the breeding of endangered species, the active ingredient content of high species and genetically modified new species.


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