Agriculture Degree Program in China - Agricultural Meteorology

1. Introduction

Agricultural Meteorology is the science that studies the mutual relation between agriculture and meteorological conditions and its laws; it is a branch of applied meteorology, and also a basic subject of agriculture. The research purpose of agricultural meteorology is to center the development and modernization of agriculture, to understand and solve the meteorological problems in production, and to put forward the best weather conditions and measures to promote agricultural production.

Agriculture is mainly the production activity under the natural conditions. Certain combination of light, heat, water and gas is beneficial to a certain production, which forms an effective agricultural natural resource, and the other is harmful to agricultural production, which is a natural disaster of agriculture. The basic task of agricultural meteorology is of these agricultural natural resources and agricultural natural disasters in time and space distribution, agricultural zoning and planning, crop rational layout, manual adjusting microclimate and crop cultivation and management services, also carry out agricultural meteorological forecast and information service, provide advice and recommendations on agricultural production, with rational utilization of climate resources, to avoid adverse weather factors, take adequate measures for agriculture, promote agricultural yield, reduce costs, improve economic efficiency.

2. Research Fields

Crop meteorology, animal husbandry meteorology, forestry meteorology, diseases and insect pest meteorology, agricultural climate, farmland microclimate and microclimate improvement, agricultural meteorological forecast, agricultural meteorological observation and instruments, etc

3. Research Content

1) Identify the requirements and response of the object and process of agricultural production on meteorological conditions, as well as their feedback on the meteorological conditions, so as to put forward the problems and countermeasures of agricultural production.

2) Research, formulate agricultural climatic resources zoning, for the development of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and deputy fishing industries, reforming planting system, the introduction of fine varieties and implementation major reform of agricultural technology and provide the basis of meteorology. Among them, the research of agricultural terrain and climate is of great significance to the development of mountainous areas, the development of a variety of management, water and soil conservation, protection and improvement of ecological balance.

3) Study on the law of agricultural meteorological disasters and its prevention measures. It is mainly to observe the victim symptoms and the period of injury, to determine the index of the victims, to explore the mechanism of the victims, to analyze the law of disaster, release the disaster forecast, to study the meteorological effect of defense measures, etc.

4) The agricultural meteorological forecast and agricultural meteorological information. Including agricultural weather forecast, yield forecast, farmland soil moisture forecast, etc. Among them, on the basis of the application of remote sensing technology and computer network, and observational data transmission combined to carry on the numerical simulation and the gradual establishment of agro meteorological service automation system, has become an agricultural weather is one of the main forms of agricultural service.

5) Study on agricultural microclimate. Has a direct impact on the agricultural production is actually produced the microclimate environment, climate change through the microclimate environment can influence agricultural production object growth and yield, utilization of the agricultural microclimate, adjustment and transformation is agricultural meteorology research work in a long term important task.

6) Study on agricultural meteorological observation instruments and experimental research methods, continuously improve the level of quality and test research of agriculture meteorological service work.

4. Prospects

Agricultural meteorology is gradually realizing automation, telemetry and precision in the research of observation means. In terms of crop meteorological conditions, from the past single factor research to the development of multi factor comprehensive research, the characteristics of the method is to carry out numerical simulation and model experiment. Such as crop - weather - the soil of a variety of statistical models and dynamic model of the experimental study, the relationship between crop growth and yield and meteorological conditions, etc.

In terms of agricultural climate, through cluster analysis, fuzzy mathematics, modern mathematics method, make the agricultural climate similar research and agricultural climate regionalization of more objective and quantitative; application of linear programming and decision making and statistics method, the agricultural climate regionalization by considering only a single production object development to consider the optimal allocation of multiple production of objects in different regions.

5. Research Methods

1) Data Acquisition

Obtaining document data is the foundation of the research work, and it often has a decisive influence on the results of the research. The research methods used to obtain data are generally artificial environment simulation, natural environment test, field investigation and remote sensing information analysis, and 5 kinds of agricultural meteorological numerical simulation.

2) Data Collection

The collation of agricultural meteorological data includes data review, revision and statistical analysis of the number of features, the specific content of the research purposes and analysis requirements to determine.

3) Data Analysis

Statistical analysis method, mathematical statistics method, fuzzy mathematics method, mathematical physical method, comparative analysis method

6. Related Disciplines

Atmospheric science, climatology, phenology, paleoclimatology, dendroclimatology, atmospheric chemistry, dynamic meteorology, atmospheric physics, atmospheric boundary layer physical, cloud and precipitation physics, cloud dynamics, radar meteorology, wireless electrical meteorology, atmospheric radiation, atmospheric optics, atmospheric electricity, stratospheric atmospheric physics, atmospheric acoustics, climate, tropical meteorology, applied meteorology, forest meteorology, medical meteorology, hydrology and meteorology, building meteorology, marine meteorology, aviation meteorology, military meteorology, air pollution meteorology.


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