Agriculture Degree Program in China - Animal Husbandary Science

1. Introduction

Animal Husbandary Science is the science that studies the raising, management, breeding and the use of its products. It is the basic subject of animal husbandry. Livestock refers to farmed animals, previously only focused on livestock (horses, cattle, sheep, chicken, dog, pig); the scope of artificial breeding is constantly expanding, many wild animals with economic value also begin artificial breeding, such as wild boar, pheasant, civet cat, fox, mink and others, animal science research scope of generalized also includes keeping bees, silkworms and ornamental animals (birds).

Animal husbandry science is a comprehensive discipline in the field of livestock breeding, reproduction, feeding, management, prevention and control, as well as the construction of grassland, animal products processing and animal husbandry management and other related fields.

2. Content

Animal husbandry science in general includes two parts: the basic theory and the specific theories, the former is based on animal physiological science, biochemistry, anatomy, genetics to study basic principles of livestock breeding, nutrition needs, feeding management and sanitation; the latter is on the basis of the above disciplines, to respectively study cattle, sheep, rabbit, pig, poultry and other livestock and poultry specific feeding technology, feed production technology, livestock product processing and product developing technology, and management methods etc.

3. Research Directions

1) Animal nutrition and feed science

Mainly engaged in animal nutritional needs, nutritional and physiological and biochemical regulation, feed biotechnology, feed resources development and utilization, action mechanism and application of feed additive, with technique, feed health, feed and nutrition detection technology, feeding technology, the relationship between nutrition and the environment, nutrition and immunity, and between nutrition and animal products quality, etc.

2) Animal genetics and breeding

Mainly carry out quantitative traits genetic parameters estimation, selection index theory, individual genetic evaluation, large-scale livestock and poultry field breeding system, genetic marker development and utilization, research on livestock and poultry important quantitative trait QTLs localization, marker assisted selection, genetic diversity in livestock and preservation and utilization of research, with the development of the theory and method of molecular genetics, this subject also launches a molecular quantitative genetics research.

3) Animal nutrition immunity and biological safety system

Mainly focuses on the development of immune enhancer, the research and development of functional feed additives, as well as the research and development of new animal vaccine and so on.


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