Agriculture Education and degree in China

 Brief introduction 

Agriculture education in China is considered as a sector in the entire economic development strategy, high institutions with agriculture education serve to produce qualified human resources for agricultural and rural development. High education institutions with agriculture discipline play a most crucial role in the Chinese rural development process due to the extensive areas of poverty that have a high demand in educated agricultural technical and management personnel. Although China's agricultural output is the largest in the world, only about 15% of its total land area can be cultivated. China's arable land, which represents 10% of the total arable land in the world, supports over 20% of the world's population. To continue these successful achievements in agriculture sectors, Chinese universities with agriculture disciplines are required to produce high qualified graduates, and recruitment of more international students. 

Chinese universities with agriculture subjects play an important role in solving the fundamental and strategic technological issues in agriculture and rural economic development, training advanced researchers, integrating agriculture with science and technology, and developing agricultural science and technology exchanges and cooperation.

China has a long history of providing agriculture education to international students studying in universities. Higher education institutions with agriculture subjects throughout the country continue to enroll International students. Over the past few years, the number of international students who study agriculture in China has significantly increased every year.

In recent years, rapid progress has been achieved in agriculture education in higher institutions. Chinese Universities with agriculture subjects have well-known scholars and experts in agriculture subjects, and outstanding teachers of agriculture. In order to further strengthen of international education and improve its contribution to the worldwide education, Ministry of Education of China promulgated a series of guiding documents and curriculum for agriculture education and encourages universities to recruit more international students. 

Earning agriculture degree in China generally takes about four years for bachelors’ degree, 2-3 years for masters and 3-4 years for Doctoral degree in Agriculture. Most of universities with agriculture disciplines in China have permanent foreign professors from USA, UK, Australia, etc… 

Common Agriculture disciplines offered by several Universities in China 

Several Universities in China have a complete range of disciplines and research directions in agriculture. They have the right to confer Bachelors degree, Master degree and Doctoral degree. Some of them also provide postdoctoral research in various agriculture disciplines such as Agronomy, Crop genetics and breeding, Fruit science, Landscape architecture, Plant pathology, Plant protection and quarantine, Seed science, Vegetable science. Following the trend of the global education, several Universities with agriculture disciplines have long term exchanges and cooperation with universities from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, South Korea and other different countries. The cooperation is in various forms, including joint academic research projects and academic exchanges. 

It is widely known that Agriculture education in China has played an important role in the economic progress and rural development by bringing up large scale of advanced researchers and experts to improve the quality of agriculture education within Chinese Universities.  International student may get degree in any of the following agriculture disciplines:

- Agronomy

- Modern Agricultural Equipment and Facilities

- Protected Agriculture Science and Engineering

- Plant Protection

- Agricultural Mechanization

- Veterinary Medicine

- Grassland Science

- Aquiculture

- Animal Biotechnology

- Soil and water science

- Agro-meteorology

- Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products

- Animal nutrition and feed science

- Breeding and reproduction

- Animal genetics

- Land resource and management

- Agricultural economics

- Zoology and animal physiology

Most of universities have two intakes each year. One in September and another in March, a foreign Students can begin the courses at any of those two intake. 

Interestingly, international student in any Chinese University has an opportunity to learn Chinese language and has the opportunity to take internship in much known agriculture companies or factories or farms in China. 


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