Agriculture Degree Program in China - Production and Marketing of Veterinary Drug

 1. Introduction

Production and Marketing of Veterinary Drug is to cultivate high-quality skilled talents to meet the production needs of animal husbandry, high comprehensive quality, for veterinary medicine production and marketing, technical services, can be engaged in veterinary drug production management, product development, market planning and marketing, after-sale technical services.

2. Main Courses

Animal anatomy physiology, animal microbiology, animal pathology, animal pharmacology, animal epidemics, animal immunity and biological products, medical chemistry, analytical chemistry, veterinary drug toxicology, biochemistry, veterinary drug analysis and detection, traditional Chinese veterinary medicine identification technology, veterinary clinical diagnosis and common disease, traditional Chinese veterinary pharmacy, veterinary preparations, pharmaceutical administration, public relations, business negotiation, animal pharmaceutical marketing, veterinary drug GMP and certification.

3. Skills or Professional Qualification Certificate

Students can acquire many vocational qualification certificates, such as veterinary drug inspection laboratory technician, animal epidemic prevention staff, veterinary laboratory technician, veterinary biological products manufacturing staff, veterinary chemical pharmaceutical preparations staff.

4. Employment Prospects

Graduates are suitable to be occupied in pharmaceutical producing enterprises involving drug production, inspection, circulation, research and development, all levels of veterinary drug management and supervision departments, veterinary drug operating departments, animal husbandry veterinary station, livestock and poultry farms and various types of self-established drug integrated service entities for pharmaceutical production management, new product R & D, drug testing and analysis, livestock and poultry disease prevention and control, market planning and marketing, after-sale technical services, etc.


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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