Agriculture Degree Program in China - Forest Protection

1. Introduction

Forest Protection refers to the measure that prevents and eliminates all kinds of forest destruction and disasters, to ensure the healthy growth of trees, to avoid or reduce the loss of forest resources. Forest protection is a key link in the forest. The main contents include the prevention and elimination of forest fire, forest pest and disease damage, forest birds and animals the disaster and weather of forest damage. Forest protection should adopt the policy of prevention first; after the disaster, should be actively in addition to the treatment. The sixteen words policy of the forest protection: "prevention first, scientific prevention and control, governance according to the law, promote health”.

2. Forest Disasters

The production activity of preventing or controlling forest natural disasters is one of the content of forest management. Forest disasters include disease, insect, bird, wild animal damage and fire and smoke and meteorological disasters; the threat of diseases, pests and fire is the biggest.

3. Disaster Prevention

1) Select improved varieties for afforestation, pay attention to tree species, improve the quality of afforestation, the implementation of intensive management, the formation of a good forest ecosystem

2) Carry out the forecast and forecast work, take comprehensive measures to the disaster has occurred, and cannot damage the natural enemies and pollute the environment.

4. Training Objectives

Forest protection program trains advanced technology and specialized talents with knowledge and skills to protect forest resources, investigation and management of forest resources, forestry administration and law enforcement.

5. Training Requirements

Master the solid basic theories and knowledge system of the program, with the ability to engage in scientific research or independently responsible for forest protection technology; has a wide scope of knowledge and strong adaptability, all colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and high level of enterprises required for forest protection of specialized personnel requirements.

6. Knowledge and Ability

1) Have solid theoretical knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry and so on;

2) Master the basic theory, basic knowledge of biology, geography, forestry, tourism management disciplines;

3) Master the development and evaluation of forest resources, the overall planning and design method of forest park, the forest industry market dynamic analysis method;

4) With the ability to monitor forest resources, forest resources protection and forest ecological public education;

5) Familiar with the protection of forest resources, forest management, tourism basic policies and regulations;

6) Understand the theoretical front, application prospect and development trend of forest resources protection and tourism management.

7. Main Subjects

Forestry, biology, ecology

8. Main Courses

Botany, plant physiology, soil science, microbiology, and trees, forest ecology, forest cultivation, plant pathology, entomology, plant pathogenic mycology, insect taxonomy, pathology of trees, tree Entomology, agricultural medicine, plant quarantine, general zoology, wild animals and plants resource management, forest fire prevention

9. Practical Teaching

Course experiment, practice, curriculum design, graduation thesis (design), the general arrangement is 25-30 weeks.

10. Program Experiments

Microbiology experiment, general plant pathology experiment, experiment of General Entomology, trees pathological experiment, trees experimental Entomology, plant pathogenic mycology experiment, the experiment of insect taxonomy, pesticide science experiment

11. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in forest protection, forestry, landscape architecture, animal and plant quarantine and other related fields for forest pest and disease damage identification, monitoring, quarantine and control of scientific research, teaching, technology development and promotion, pest prevention and control work.


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