Agriculture Degree Program in China - Pomology

1. Introduction

Pomology has stable and systematic scientific research directions, mainly including the physiological ecology of the fruit tree, the biological technology of fruit trees and the germplasm resources of fruit trees. Over the years, this subject has carried out a large number in-depth and systematic research in the field, and has achieved fruitful research results.

2. Training Objectives

Master solid basic theory and systematic professional knowledge of pomology, understand the status quo and development trend of fruit science, skillfully master computer and advanced experimental skills, have independently engaged in scientific research ability, can better write a scientific paper, can be competent for the colleges and universities teaching, scientific research and scientific technology management work.

3. Research Direction

Germplasm resources of fruit trees: mainly including investigation of fruit germplasm resources, conservation, characterization and utilization of, variation of fruit trees of main economic characters in genetic and breeding research, fruit tree genetics of resistance and resistance breeding research, new methods of fruit tree breeding research, molecular biology and its application in fruit breeding and other fruit tree genetics and breeding scientific research.

Biotechnology of fruit trees: using molecular marker to assist breeding, through efficient expression vector construction, establishment of gene transformation system and transgenic technology improvement and cultivate stress resistance of new varieties of fruit trees and achieve oriented improvement of the original fine varieties, to faster and more stable access to meet the new germplasm, new varieties of fruit production needs.

4. Training Ways and Means

Curriculum study

Scientific research work and degree thesis

Teaching practice and scientific investigation

Social practice and public welfare labor

Mid-term examination

5. Main Courses

Fruit tree germplasm resources, pomology physiology, plant hormones and fruit trees growth and development, fruit tree breeding science, fruit tree science progress


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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