Agriculture Degree Program in China - Animal and Plant Quarantine

1. Introduction

Animal and Plant Quarantine program trains senior technical talents equipped with the basic theoretical knowledge and skills of animal and plant inspection and quarantine, can work at national inspection and quarantine departments of various levels, animal and plant products safety and health supervision institutions, agricultural and livestock products production and sales enterprises engaged in dynamic plant disease and insect pest inspection and quarantine and control, safety and health detection of agricultural and livestock products, plant protection, such as the technology, management and promotion.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, virology, microbiology, plant pathology, entomology, veterinary pathology, animal health inspection, plant quarantine, food hygiene inspection technology, animal and plant inspection and quarantine regulations, receive the basic training in animal and plant quarantine technology, chemical analysis experiment, instrument analysis experiment, histological techniques, computer applications, and other aspects of basic training, have the basic ability of animal and plant physiology and pathology, testing, etc.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theoretical knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and life science;

2) Master the methods and skills of identifying, recognizing, monitoring and controlling harmful organisms;

3) Master the basic ability of animal and plant physiology and pathology, laboratory tests, detection, prevention and control of diseases and insect pests;

4) Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and information inquiry, with certain ability of scientific research and practical work;

5) Familiar with the guidelines, policies and regulations for about dynamic plant epidemic prevention and quarantine, animal and plant quarantine of import and export, livestock health and safety products circulation and so on.

6) understand the latest developments in the theory and technology of plant quarantine, to understand the general principle of close and professional knowledge;

7) The skilled use of computer;

8) With strong ability of research and decision-making, organization and management, oral and written expression, with the sense of innovation, ability of independent access to new knowledge and information processing.

4. Main Subjects

Biology, animal inspection and quarantine, plant inspection and quarantine

5. Main Courses

Organic chemistry, analysis chemistry, chemistry experiment, general chemistry, basis of agricultural pharmacy, histological techniques, plant physiology and science, biochemistry, microbiology, plant pathology, entomology, animal science, animal health laboratory science, plant inspection and quarantine, food sanitary inspection technology.

6. Employment Prospects

Animal and plant quarantine graduates can be competent at various levels of government departments, universities, research units, entry and exit and various  levels of animal and plant quarantine, veterinary hygiene supervision and inspection mechanism, the plant quarantine organs, food hygiene supervision and inspection institutions, teaching and scientific research, new product development, commodity supervision, inspection, food production of health management, supervision and inspection of product quality, technology promotion work.


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