Agriculture Degree Program in China - Tree Genetics and Breeding

1. Introduction

Tree Genetics and Breeding takes advantage of the biological technologies like genetic engineering, cell engineering, fermentation engineering and enzyme engineering to conduct breeding improvement on the forest tree or conduct high- efficient breeding on the forest tree fine breeds.

2. Research Directions

1) Forest Genetics

The genetic variation and evolution mechanism of different traits in the population, individual, cell and molecular level, which provide theoretical basis for the conservation, management and genetic improvement of forest resources

2) Genetic Improvement of Forest Trees

Forest tree improvement strategies and procedures to develop breeding programs, introduction, selection breeding, cross breeding, including the theory and method of yield, quality, resistance and adaptability breeding, etc.), and forest tree breeding ways and methods.

3) Forestry Biotechnology

Use genetic engineering, cell engineering, fermentation engineering and enzyme engineering and other biological techniques for genetic improvement of forest trees or high efficient breeding of forest trees.

3. Main Content

1) Chromosome and gene

2) Group genetics and evolution

3) Preservation and utilization of genetic resources

4) Tree breeding strategy

5) Geographical variation and provenance test

6) Selection and determination

7) Genetic effects and the use of hybridization

8) Genetic effects and its utilization of asexual reproduction

9) Seed orchard

10) The oriented genetic improvement of wood quality

11) Red blood cell engineering of trees

12) Genetic engineering of forest trees

13) Construction of genetic linkage map and mapping of quantitative trait loci in forest trees


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Wenzhou Medical University

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