Agriculture Degree Program in China - Animal Science

1. Introduction

Animal Science is based on the understanding and mastering of the life rules of animals genetic variation, growth and development, reproduction, digestion and metabolism etc., to provide high quality animal products for human beings; animal science aims to meet the growing of high-grade meat diet, mainly for animal camp raising and breeding, feed resource development, feed of animal science and animal feed process design, and feed and feeding study of enterprise management. Through a large number of animal experiments and animal production practice, understanding rabbit, mouse, horse, cattle, pigs, chickens and even the cat and dog animal physiological characteristics of animal science specialty and living habits, and learn the scientific method of the feeding and management, to help them reproduce offspring and so on.

2. Training Objectives

The program cultivates scientific and technical talents with the basic theory of animal reproduction and breeding, animal nutrition and feed and animal disease prevention and control and so on, basic knowledge and basic skills, adapt to the inland freshwater and salt water areas, technology and design, promotion and development, operation and management, teaching and scientific research.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of the production and management of animal and animal genetics and breeding, animal breeding, animal nutrition and feed, and animal science related to the investigation, analysis, assessment, design and other aspects basic training, with basic ability of animal breeding, breeding, production and management.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1) Have solid theoretical knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry and so on;

2) Master the basic theory of animal science and animal breeding, animal reproduction, animal nutrition and feed and the basic knowledge of land science;

3) Master animal resources investigation, evaluation of breeding stock, breeding technology, breeding system, breeding and feed composition, design ranch, health and epidemic prevention, animal products development and utilization and grassland construction methods and techniques.

4) With the awareness and basic knowledge of agricultural development, to understand the forefront of the development of animal husbandry and animal science and development trends;

5) Familiar with animal resources protection, animal production, animal products circulation, environmental protection and other relevant principles, policies and regulations;

6) Master the basic method of document retrieval, data query, with certain ability of scientific research and practical work.

5. Main Subjects

Animal genetics and breeding, animal reproduction, animal nutrition and feed science

6. Main Courses

Anatomy of animals, animal tissues embryology, animal physiology, animal biochemistry and microbiology in animal husbandry, animal genetics, animal nutrition, feed science, biostatistics, feed analysis technology, animal reproduction, animal health and the environment architecture of the barn, livestock production systems, animal breeding, population genetics, quantitative genetics, cell genetics, biochemical genetics, molecular genetics, with the feed process principle and technology, enterprise management science, nutrition of ruminant, swine nutrition and poultry nutrition, fish and shrimp animal nutrition, etc.

7. Practical Teaching

Teaching experiment, production practice, graduation thesis, scientific research training, production labor, social practice, etc

8. Program Experiments

Ordinary animal experiment, basic chemistry experiment, biochemical experiment, microbiology experiment, animal physiology experiment, genetics experiments, animal ecology experimental, aquatic animal increase breeding experiment, animal breeding experiment, animal nutrition experimental, animal feed experiment, ichthyology experiment, experiment of feed analysis and testing, aquatic animal disease experiment, etc.

9. Similar Programs

Silkworm science, bee science

10. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students can be engaged in business management, administrative management, product development and management at animal science related enterprises, etc.


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