Agriculture Degree Program in China - Plant Protection

1. Introduction

Plant Protection is also called botanical medicine, the program with traditional advantages in the field of life science, based on botany, animal science, microbiology, agricultural ecology, soil science, cultivation, weed science, information science, studies the regularity of the occurrence and development of harmful organisms and puts forward comprehensive control technology, the division includes plant pathology, agricultural entomology and pest control, pesticide. It is related to planting with obvious interdisciplinary characteristics.

2. Training Objectives

Plant protection program trains senior scientific and technical personnel with the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of plant protection science, can be engaged in the prediction and control of plant diseases and insect pests, weeds, bird and mammal damage, plant protection technology and design, promotion and development, operation and management, teaching and scientific research, etc. in agriculture and other related departments or units.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of agricultural and biological science, agricultural ecology science, agricultural biology of disease, pest, weeds, rats and the induced damage, receive basic training in various kinds of disease, pest, weeds, rats’ identification and recognition, have the basic ability of plant disease, pest, weeds, rats monitoring and control.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Have solid theoretical knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry and so on;

2) Master the basic theories and knowledge of biological science and agricultural science;

3) Methods and techniques for the identification, recognition, monitoring and control of plant pests;

4) With the awareness of agricultural development and basic knowledge, understanding of agricultural production and plant protection in the forefront of science and development trends;

5) Familiar with the relevant policies, policies and regulations related to agricultural production and plant protection;

6) Master the basic methods of scientific literature search and data query, and have certain scientific research and practical work ability;

7) Master the composition of pesticides, and understand the hazards and protection methods.

5. Main Subjects

Biology, plant physiology, crop science, plant protection, agricultural pharmacy

6. Major Courses

General plant pathology, general entomology, agricultural plant pathology, agricultural entomology, plant chemical protection

7. Featured Courses

Plant quarantine, agricultural acarology, weed identification, agricultural pathogenic bacteria, virology, physical agriculture, biostatistics, crop science, general genetics, agricultural meteorology, microbiology, organic chemistry, biological chemistry, inorganic analysis chemistry, physics, statistics, computer introduction, C language program design, botany, zoology.

8. Practice Teaching

Teaching practice (general plant pathology practice, general entomology practice, agricultural plant pathology practicum, agricultural entomology practice, plant chemical protection practice), production practice, course design, graduation thesis (graduation design), scientific research training, productive labor and social practice, etc., the general arrangement is not less than 30 weeks.

9. Similar Programs

Agronomy, horticulture tea, pratacultural science, tobacco, plant science and technology, seed science and engineering and application of biological science, facilities agriculture science and engineering, physical agriculture, physical plant protection technology

10. Employment Prospects

After graduation, the students can be engaged in plant protection, safety and inspection of agricultural products, pesticide residues of pollution-free agricultural products and inspection, pesticide processing and management. Employment in agriculture, forestry departments at all levels; import and export quarantine inspection department; customs department; food and drug safety supervision department; pesticide production enterprise; various levels of primary farms, forest farms, forest parks, etc.


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