Agriculture Degree Program in China - Olericulture

 1. Introduction

Olericulture takes biology as the theoretical basis, a discipline that studies the growth and development and genetic law of vegetable crops, a comprehensive professional discipline that studies technology application and the principle like vegetable germplasm resources, genetic breeding, cultivation, diseases and insect pest prevention and post-harvest treatment, storage, processing, etc.

2. Main Content

1) Vegetable germplasm resources research

2) Study on the main genetic breeding of vegetables

3) Vegetable cultivation technology research

4) Study on control technology of vegetable diseases and insect pests

5) Post harvest processing and storage of vegetables

6) The origin and evolution of the species of vegetables

7) Types and classification of vegetables

8) Genetic diversity of vegetable crops

9) Identification and evaluation of vegetable germplasm resources and core germplasm resources research

10) Innovation of vegetable germplasm resources


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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