Agriculture Degree Program in China - Animal Reproduction

1. Introduction

Animal Reproduction is the science that studies animal reproductive activity and its regulation and control laws and regulation and control technology, is an important means to strengthen the livestock breed improvement, to ensure the rapid development of animal husbandry, is one of the most active research subjects among the modern animal science and livestock science; in livestock production, by improving the sire and dam breed efficiency can reduce breeding livestock breeding quantity, so as to reduce the production cost and feed, forage grass resource usage. Therefore, animal reproduction is an important application-oriented basic science in animal husbandry and animal production.

2. Reproductive Biology

Animal reproduction is an important component of reproductive biology. Reproductive biology is the science that studies reproductive biology activity and its regulation and control technology, research objects including people, animals and plants. Research focuses on analysis and discovery of the reproductive activity of biological, in order to develop, enhance, or control (such as Planned Parenthood) reproductive technology. The theory and practice of animal reproduction are closely combined. The main research object is the domestic animals or the animals that can be domesticated, and the animals that can be directly used by humans. Therefore, main research content of animal reproduction involves all the content relating to animal reproduction of development biology, reproductive physiology, reproductive endocrinology and other disciplines.

3. Research Content

1) Reproduction theory

2) Reproduction technology

3) Reproduction management

4) Reproduction barriers and its prevention and control


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