Agriculture Degree Program in China - Aquatic Feed Manufacturing

1. Introduction

Aquatic Feed Manufacturing refers to the activity that uses fishbone, shrimp, shellfish to produce feeds, including fish meal, shrimp head powder, shell powder and so on.

2. Fish Meal

Fish meal is high protein feed using one or several kinds of fishes as raw material, through deoiling, dewatering, smashing processing.

Fish meal is the excellent animal protein feed balancing protein and amino acid and good forage balancing minerals, especially trace elements.

3. Ecological Aquatic Feed Manufacturing Technology

1) Applying aquatic animal nutrition demand parameters design feed formula

2) Feed ingredients can be used to design formula

3) Improve the digestibility of feed nutrients by the preparation of aquatic feed

4) Using probiotics and chemical prebiotics to promote the health of aquatic products

5) Use acid and alkali regulator to promote the digestion and utilization of aquatic products

6) Use organic trace elements to reduce the amount of trace elements

7) Improve the feed palatability technology

8) Improve the processing technology of feed utilization slaughter

The best grinding particle size control technology, fine ingredient mixing technology, steam conditioning technology, extrusion technology, the active feed additive of liquid spray technology

9) Clean feed processing technology

Feed heating sterilization technology, sequencing production technology of feed, develop equipment flushing procedure

4. Development Trends

1) Industry consolidation trend gradually emerging

2) The value chain's competition becomes the basic competition pattern

3) From the production of primary products to the ecological feed products

5. Aquatic Feed Market

1) Aquatic feed is the bait feed special for aquatic animal breeding. According to the feeding variety, the aquatic feed can be divided into fish feed, shrimp feed and crab feed. According to the characteristics of feed, can be divided into feed, concentrate feed and pre mixed feed. Raw materials for the production of aquatic feed is mainly constituted by fish meal, cereals and oils, fish meal and cereal materials often account for more than 50% of the cost of feed.

2) There are obvious seasonal characteristics in this industry, maybe burdened by downstream aquaculture prosperity index decline, and different from livestock breeding, aquaculture is affected by seasonal factors more obviously.


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