Agriculture Degree Program in China - Animal Genetics

1. Introduction

Animal Genetics, as a branch of genetics, mainly studies the genetic laws and the principles and methods of genetic improvement of animal traits concerned with humans such as livestock, fish, birds, insects and other animals. In addition to the general theory and methods based on the genetic material and genetic information about the transfer and change of molecular genetics and the basic laws of heredity and expansion, non Mendelian genetics and cytogenetics of general theory and method, and population genetics, but also relates to the general principles and methods of animal genome science and animal genetic engineering.

Animal genetics is the theoretical basis of animal breeding and the important foundation course of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine.

2. Significance

1) Genetic factors (such as genes) that restrict the life activities of every individual.

2) Genetic factors (genes) determine the animal's behavior, behavior, disease.

3) Genetic breeding is the most commonly used method in animal breeding.

4) Genetic engineering is the most stable and the most meaningful variety improvement technology.

5) Genetic factor - gene is the core of life science.

3. Separation Hypothesis

1) Relative traits are controlled by the relative genetic factors.

2) The genetic factor is present in pairs in somatic cells, one from a male from the female parent.

3) In the formation of the hybrid, the pair of genetic factors are separated from each other, and only one of the paired factors is contained in the.

4) The numbers of different types of gametes produced by the hybrid are equal.

5) The relative genetic factors in F1 somatic cells are together, but do not merge, each maintains its independence.

The essence of the law of separation: the pair of genetic factors in the formation of the formation of the separation of each other; do not interfere with each other, so there is only one of the paring genes in the gamete.

4. Laws of Animal Genetics

1) Free combination law

2) Chain and exchange law 


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